Some farmers they are

Historically, farmers tended to try and defend their crops, sometimes with weapons, sometimes with the tools of trade. But this is still amazing, as Reuters reports that:

Farmers armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars forced Lebanese government troops to abandon an operation to destroy their illegal cannabis crop in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley on Monday

Farmers? With mortars and rocket-propelled grenades? Those are some farmers, I tell you.… -->

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A manly incentive

This is certanily an unorthodox way of providing incentives to the salesforce. BBC reports that Ergo, a large insurance company, held a party for salesmen where they were rewarded with the services of prostitutes. Most entertaining, I presume, but rather disastrous for the company image, don’t you reckon?… -->

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Cultural change through the prism of movies

It is so strange to see some old movies nowadays. They have all the “wrong” values in them, did you notice? They teach being assertive, bold, funny, arrogant and non-compliant. That is totally not what we see these days, now it is all either fancy fantasy stories, or all sex and “regular life”. The movies nowadays do not give up on the principles and values, who would watch them then? But instead they place them in such stories that you cannot really associate with them. And the values you can associate with are totally different – being soft and understanding, suffering for your country or your family and so on.

If we accept the premise that all movies are a channel for brainwashing the population, just like every other public communication channel, we would have to ask ourselves the question “Why?” Why is all so different? Why is the change of the values propagated to the population? What are we being prepared for if we need to follow these patterns of behavior? Can you answer?… -->

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The Japanese work etiquette

Sometimes the Japanese may behave strangely in our eyes. I do not mind in the slightest. It is all right, they behave in a totally appropriate manner. You would not mind yourself doing the same thing if you were them. You see, Japanese are a superior race, brought about by Gods to lead the world to total order and prosperity. If you think I am joking, think twice. We are not supposed to be on the same level, if I were to describe it in simple terms, I would say that you and me are the cattle and they are the farm owners. Do not let their friendliness and apparent spinelessness mislead you. They can and will slaughter cattle whenever the need arises.

What does one do then? Well, you have to become totally indispensable to some of them. Those will protect you and use you. This part is really no different from any other company. The difference is that you cannot complain – you are equal, so your complains are only mildly annoying to everyone and may be embarrassing to your protector, nothing else. You cannot object to them using and abusing your work – wouldn’t you find such objections from Roman Empire slaves ridiculous? Keep this frame of mind. They can do whatever they want, you are limited in options. You have the freedom to quit, of course. But as long as you stay you have to follow the game. Invent new and interesting ways to become useful. Invent new works, new templates, new objectives, new obstacles, new projects. Invent ways for your protector to look brilliant in the eyes of peers when he uses and abuses your work. As long as you do that, you will be fine. And if you help your protectors, you can ask for many things in return, as a favor, just do not try to be equal.… -->

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The Factor of Money

I call this interesting thing “The Factor of Money”. What is it? It is one of the things quite wrong with the world from most people’s perspective. Although, to be fair, most of them do not realize it. And there is a minority who abuse the rest so it is quite ok for them. But let’s see.

A society is built on a number of factors that the society considers important. And whoever controls the decisive factor controls the society. If most of the world considers a single factor of utmost importance then whoever controls that factor controls the world.

Factors important, or crucial, for the people in the society may differ. One of the factors quite widespread nowadays is money. Notice how USSR, the Soviet countries overall, were not into money before. like the eighties. And those countries were quite apart from the other countries that were controlled by money. They were independent and powerful, they could not be easily subverted by money. Once they joined the throng in cherishing the money factor, they became a slave to the controllers of the money factor. Notice how quickly their deterioration happened.

Now watch this. China was always quite separate from the money world. They became strong on a basis totally different from money. Now they let the money in. What do you think will happen? Yes, let’s watch them being overtaken by the overlords of money. They stand no chance anymore whatever they may think about it.

The Factor of Money is the factor that leads to enslaving entire countries to the will of the Lords of Money. If you want your society or country to be independent, the first thing to do is to break away from The Money Factor.… -->

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Where will you get a good TV?

I am looking at the reports for TV sales for the last quarter of the last year comparing it to the previous year. What most analysts are interested in is the amount of shipments and how good LCD compared to other technologies is doing and why there is a little decline in TV shipments and things like that.

I am looking at it and I am feeling very sad. Here is why. The best TV manufacturers are historically Japanese. We may argue about it all day long but you would never call a Sony TV set “bad”, would you? Same goes for Sharp. The best two manufacturers of TVs in history of flat panels. And so I am very sad to see how they keep shrinking away under the pressure of their cheap-junk-TV competition. Sad, sad story. Where will you get your TV in 10 years if all you will have is junk, eh?


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Urgent and important… not!

How often do we come across things that are extremely urgent and painfully important? Some people more often than others but pretty often I would say. What is the problem? It is difficult to make well reasoned decisions under that kind of duress.

However, that situation is totally artificial. In the “real world” out there, the world outside the purely human territory, the things are never urgent nor important. They are immediate. And immediate is quite different from urgent if you dare to think about it.

So the “urgent” and the “important” are inventions of the purely human world. And being the way they are, artificial constructs, they possess an interesting quality: they are not compatible with each other. That is, things can be either urgent or important but never both at the same time! The combination of the two is an artificial trap to lock your attention and force to make mistakes under duress. In a word, it is a trap.

Next time someone tries to trap you with “urgent and important” – think about it. It is not.… -->

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Solar power wars

I came across an interesting article about solar trade on Reuters. The article describes the rather well known tactics that Chinese use to push their products on the market, this time in the clean energy sector. But that was not so interesting, the interesting part was towards the end, where they talk about the First Solar, a US company, who apparently signed a preliminary deal on installing the solar panels to a large China project. Why they received the deal? Because they have an advanced technology – their production of thin-film panels is cheapest in the world.

Do you think they simply got the deal and that is all? Check it out:

  • The deal is not final, it is only a MoU, not binding in any way
  • The first part before anything happens will be a pilot project in a partnership with a Chinese company that will take a majority stake
  • A Chinese company is opening a plant right next door to the First Solar in US

Now you may call me a paranoid, but I think First Solar is never getting that final project.… -->

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World inertia and Christmas

I noticed a very interesting thing lately… the world has inertia. It really does what you want of it but … it takes time and effort. The mind is much lighter, no, much more vivid, or, simply, faster. Although, in some ways, mind can be mind-bogglingly slow :) Anyway, I suppose I always knew it somehow but now I am acutely aware of this simple fact: the world is slow and inert.

We are now celebrating Christmas for all except the Orthodox, so my wish to you all happy Christmas-in-December-celebrating-people: let your world be a bit less inert, a little more agile and willing to follow your dreams. Let it take you a bit less effort to shape your future.

Merry Christmas, everyone!… -->

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Floods in Pakistan and China

A very interesting watch of the news again. As you probably noticed (if not – good for you!), there are heavy floods in Pakistan and China. Facts are as follows, according to BBC:

  • Around 350 million people are affected in China
  • Around 20 million people are affected in Pakistan
  • Estimated 1500 people were killed in China
  • Estimated 1600 people were killed in Pakistan
  • Some villages in China were totally wiped off the face of the Earth
  • Some people in Pakistan do not have electricity

What do you think BBC is talking about? Of course, it is Pakistan. Why? According to me, your most reliable analyst, the situation is as follows:

  • Things are basically better organized in China with army and rescue involved, judging by the very few reports by BBC, while in Pakistan things are pretty much left up to the local people.
  • Pakistan has a huge debt to IMF, as opposed to China, so the top honchos have some relationship with the “big brothers in the West”. They will also be sufficiently dependent on the West to agree to basically any conditions.
  • China would not accept aid with “strings attached” and would not aid willingly in schemings of the West.

It is therefore easy to propose aid to Pakistan under the cover of a difficult situation (that means “money”). So we have the full coverage of the flood in Pakistan, cries for help and shows of suffering (hey, people did not have internet for 3 days, so they are angry!) over there but there is little, if any, mention of the situation in China.

How much money are we talking about? Oh, well, it is not really that much, only half a billion dollars or thereabout. For the time being, that is. People are greedy. Might be raised to a cool billion shortly, watch the news.… -->

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