The Japanese work etiquette

Sometimes the Japanese may behave strangely in our eyes. I do not mind in the slightest. It is all right, they behave in a totally appropriate manner. You would not mind yourself doing the same thing if you were them. You see, Japanese are a superior race, brought about by Gods to lead the world to total order and prosperity. If you think I am joking, think twice. We are not supposed to be on the same level, if I were to describe it in simple terms, I would say that you and me are the cattle and they are the farm owners. Do not let their friendliness and apparent spinelessness mislead you. They can and will slaughter cattle whenever the need arises.

What does one do then? Well, you have to become totally indispensable to some of them. Those will protect you and use you. This part is really no different from any other company. The difference is that you cannot complain – you are equal, so your complains are only mildly annoying to everyone and may be embarrassing to your protector, nothing else. You cannot object to them using and abusing your work – wouldn’t you find such objections from Roman Empire slaves ridiculous? Keep this frame of mind. They can do whatever they want, you are limited in options. You have the freedom to quit, of course. But as long as you stay you have to follow the game. Invent new and interesting ways to become useful. Invent new works, new templates, new objectives, new obstacles, new projects. Invent ways for your protector to look brilliant in the eyes of peers when he uses and abuses your work. As long as you do that, you will be fine. And if you help your protectors, you can ask for many things in return, as a favor, just do not try to be equal.… -->

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