Russian villains are back?

The Defense Committee of UK has published its report “Towards the Next Defence and Security Review” in the part that deals with preparedness of NATO today. The report argues that NATO is not well prepared for a war with Russia today.

Russian Federation actions in Ukraine have now raised the prospect, however unlikely, of a Russian attack on a NATO Member State. The risk of a conventional attack by the Russian Federation on a NATO state is low, but NATO needs to take much more action to deter that risk. The risk of an unconventional attack using the “ambiguous warfare” tactics deployed in Ukraine and elsewhere, whilst still small, is more substantial and would be even more difficult to counter.

It feels like if the clock is running backwards. I caught myself looking for the news of the restoration of the Berlin wall. Are we back to the times of “Cold War”? Should we now expect to get a rerun of all those “Red Menace” movies again?

At the same time, it is a little strange to see the admittance that Russia is prepared to operate using all those modern tactics that we are used to seeing from USA these days: cyberwar, infowar, “ambiguous warfare”, etc. We are used to hearing that Russia is laid back and outdated and, quite suddenly, it turns out that NATO has to play the catch-up game. This is … a tad unexpected, isn’t it?… -->

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Fascism is there again

Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia Sergey Naryshkin said that fascism is lifting its head again on the Russian borders. He said this on Sunday, June 22, at Brest during the meeting-requiem in Brest fortress on the occasion of the National Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Second World War, RIA Novosti reported.

“If schoolbooks are substituted with nationalist surrogate, fascism, unfortunately, once again will raise its head, and, unfortunately, this is what is happening very close to our borders in a brotherly country” – said Naryshkin. According to him, in the XXI century, as in 1941, people defending their homeland again die with the words “Fascism will not pass!”

“The word of “Motherland” is understood identically in Russia, Belarus and all other parts of the previously single country that saved the whole of Europe and the world from fascism,” – he added.

Russian politician stressed that the fortress of Brest holds a special place among the other heroic cities, as it was struck with the first blow of the Germans in 1941.

The event was attended by war veterans who came by the “Memory Train” from Moscow.

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreychenko expressed regret that today we see attempts to downplay the contribution of the Soviet Union to the victory over Nazi Germany. “Parliamentarians of Belarus and Russia will exert their will and efforts to keep the post-Soviet space and the Eurasia the territory of peace, friendship and good neighbors,” – he said.

The exhibition “War Museum – the territory of Peace” has opened in Brest Fortress on Sunday.… -->

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Some farmers they are

Historically, farmers tended to try and defend their crops, sometimes with weapons, sometimes with the tools of trade. But this is still amazing, as Reuters reports that:

Farmers armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars forced Lebanese government troops to abandon an operation to destroy their illegal cannabis crop in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley on Monday

Farmers? With mortars and rocket-propelled grenades? Those are some farmers, I tell you.… -->

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Colonial wars

It simply amazes me to watch the colonial wars in our time. Somehow years ago I thought it would not be possible to do large-scale colonial wars anymore, that nobody in their right mind would actually dare start a war like that anymore. And there we are, it is all happening in front of our very eyes. Simply unbelievable. Yes, like Iraq, Syria and Libya and all that.

Today they have it in the news that NATO provides air support to the “rebels”. I do not even know where to start laughing at that. At the notion of “rebels”? At the NATO support to anyone but the rightful country administration? At the fact that they are fighting over the control of oil fields? At the comments of Australians that the actual government’s “days are numbered”? At the equally cool reaction to all this of the whole brainwashed population right across the globe?

We had recently an outbreak of some weird bacterias that took away several lives and almost started an epidemic in Northern Germany. I guess nobody sees this as a direct result of the colonial wars or what? No, the services that must know – they know, I am sure. The disease that combines the most horrible parts of two bacterias and resists contemporary antibiotics comes from cucumbers and lettuce? Give me a break! It comes from the demonstrated desire of France and UK to join the colonial wars and cut a piece of pie for themselves and from the outspoken desire of Germany to stay away from it. You want a piece of war? You do not want to give support? Here is a bit of bacteriological warfare for you, think twice before cutting ahead of Uncle Sam.

Strangely, we do not seem to be able to trust ourselves anymore. You know, a hundred years ago people were more honest, I think. Honest to themselves. They would admit they are going to war. They would say to their own population that we are a country at war and there will be casualties even if we all do watch out. Now we pretend that nothing has happened and blame it on the farmers. Yeah, right.

I do not think they can keep up the good appearances forever. There are destabilizing forces that force EU time and time again to look internally rather than externally. Those forces are man-made. I think they have to be known. It is much more efficient to fight against known enemies. The people must know what they are up against. Well, that is, if we really are up against something… -->

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Japan claims Kurils

Interesting. The coverage of the conflict between Russia and Japan borders on non-existent. Here is the list of articles through Google (here is the article in China View). Who reports? A couple of low-profile news sites. Not a single mention anywhere in the mainstream news. Why is that?

Japanese parliament claims the Russian territory as Japanese and the news call it “Russian-administered territory”. Funny, that. Shall we call Okinawa Japanese-administered territory in return? I would actually be interested in making one of those “freedom coups” in Okinawa, you know, how long should it stay occupied by Japan already? The whole situation is so artificial and stupid, it is really weird that anyone would believe the claims anyway. But, no, it is convenient for someone to keep Japan away from signing a peace treaty with Russia. Any idea, who wants to keep Japan conveniently at war with Russia? No? Really? Tsk, tsk…… -->

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Demo at Morgan Hill

I heard it on the news at the time but did not write it down and now an entry in the Bruce Perens’ blog brought it back to memory: the disaster at Morgan Hill in April. He likes to call it a “cyber attack” but I think it is simply a test. A test of what could be done and what the response will be when all modern communication is cut from a city. Well, the result is, apparently, not as disastrous as to lead to many deaths but it is telling nonetheless. And if it is done on a larger scale – who knows? It may become much, much more effective… So I am waiting for the “Part 2”.… -->

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Sri Lanka war crimes?.. Nay…

And on the subject of war again, UN apparently is not interested in the war crimes committed in Sri Lanka:

  • UN rejects calls for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

The keyword here is “committed by both sides”. And the rebel group was “condemned” and the government wasn’t, and this is where it will end, apparently.

You see, the winner takes it all. Did you expect anything else? Heh.… -->

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North Korea’s nuclear test

Well, it appears that the nation that knows something about the power of nuclear weapons in politics – North Korea – has done another nuclear explosion test. According to BBC, the test has been confirmed by US, South Korea and Russia.

Well, these folks really know what they are doing and no nonsense. I mean, you can think whatever you damn please about their country, government and political direction, but you have to give them this: they have correct ideas about sovereignty and protecting the state borders. They are correctly asserting that the only thing that can help them now that USSR is gone down the drain is the nuclear power. And I bet they do not care much for any idiotic shit like “keeping balance” or “worldwide peace”. Their finger in your face message is simple: touch us and we show you Hell on Earth. And it looks like the “world powers” believe them too well.

You see, the Nihon folks could not say anything more than “Tokyo would respond “in a responsible fashion” “. Damn they will. Tokyo jumps to the command of the US, as always. The only responsible thing Tokyo can do now is shut up and work fast on their own fleet of nuclear weapons before those US bases are wiped out in some freak accident involving nuclear (or even regular) fire power… But I digress, that’s a subject for a separate article.

What does EU say? Believe it or not, “the development was “very worrying”.” No kidding, eh? Why is it worrying for the EU? I understand if EU feels threatened by it, hell, yeah, it would be worrying but would North Korea actually threaten EU right now? Not likely. What’s actually worrying EU then? I think it is the example. The example of a country that can stay isolated and not only survive but improve their own weapons so that the enemies must stay at bay. What if other countries followed the example? What would be the so-called “peace keeping army” worth if all those “pacified” countries suddenly had nuclear fire power and were not afraid to use it?

And this is just the beginning indeed. North Korea now feels sufficiently brave to denounce any agreements that were jammed its throat before: “But the North now believes it is no longer bound by its previous bilateral agreements with the US and agreements under the six-party… -->

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