Solar power wars

I came across an interesting article about solar trade on Reuters. The article describes the rather well known tactics that Chinese use to push their products on the market, this time in the clean energy sector. But that was not so interesting, the interesting part was towards the end, where they talk about the First Solar, a US company, who apparently signed a preliminary deal on installing the solar panels to a large China project. Why they received the deal? Because they have an advanced technology – their production of thin-film panels is cheapest in the world.

Do you think they simply got the deal and that is all? Check it out:

  • The deal is not final, it is only a MoU, not binding in any way
  • The first part before anything happens will be a pilot project in a partnership with a Chinese company that will take a majority stake
  • A Chinese company is opening a plant right next door to the First Solar in US

Now you may call me a paranoid, but I think First Solar is never getting that final project.