About Tigr

20100821-SPb_DSC3837-200x250Since I came really close to the enlightenment and it turned out to be such a useless silly thing, I am now mostly interested in growing up. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much information on growing up available anywhere. No role models are there either. It seems to be a very unpopular subject with our civilization. Still, I do not give up hope.

On the less abstract level, I like reading, listening to music, traveling, nature. I like children. I wonder if I would be able to stop roaming the world eventually and let myself stay some place. The problem is… I want a beautiful view from my window and a clever beautiful woman… but combining the former with Internet access seems to be troublesome while latter appears to be unattainable in my technocratic world.

Contact information helps you to get in touch with me. If you like to keep a bit of privacy to the conversations, consider using PGP for the e-mail. Key can be searched at public servers like MIT or downloaded locally. The key fingerprint is “EDF4 CEA9 4CBF 0FAF 02B3 5839 B871 C957 3953 115F”.

The frequently asked question

I am often asked why I am called Tigr, or Tigrino. It’s all very simple, really. In the 1990s I worked in a telecom lab and we had Internet there. There was not even a web browser existing at the time but we had the IRC chat where we hanged out a lot. So they called me “tigr” in the russian spoken chats and quickly convinced me to change my nickname to “Tigr”. And that is why a bit later I registered tigr.net. And then they started to make various stupid variations of my nickname and Tigrino somehow stuck too. And that’s the story.