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Policies, disclaimers, copyright.

These are the policies and disclaimers that apply to the contents of this site.

This website is, indeed, a very personal affair, despite hosting various bits and pieces of software and manuals. I do not have the time and I cannot dredge up enough interest to make the time available for something like regular blogging. So looking for daily updates here may be in vain. On the other hand, I am trying to keep the information up to date where it matters, so if you see some glaring inconsistency or a need for an update, mail me at albert@tigr.net.

Copyright and usage rights

Any information you can find here is provided "as is" without any warranties whatsoever. I do not guaranteee you that the information is correct, up to date, or suitable for any purpose whatsoever. You have to judge for yourself whether you want to use some information provided by the web site. I will not be responsible for anything that may happen to you or anybody else if you decide that you want to read something on this server or apply whatever you have read. I will not be liable for any damages that may result directly or indirectly from using information or software stored on this server.

If you submit any information to me (via e-mail or other means) I will assume that by doing so you are placing the information in question to the public domain. I may use this information for any purpose I see fit. If you do not want some information to become public you have to state so explicitly.

Please, make sure you check the appropriate copyright and license restrictions on software, pictures, or any other material you may find here. Photographs and drawings are my own unless identified otherwise or obviously from some other source (e.g. like banners), you would need to check with me if you want to use them.


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Last revision: January 25, 2012