U.S. hostilities against North Korea continue the economic war

U.S. started hostile operations against North Korea using unknown hackers attack to a Japanese company as an excuse. Just as in the case of continuing hostilities against Russia the sanctions against North Korea are justified only by empty political rhetoric. The unilateral attack against North Korea is not likely to result in anything more than a purely political demonstration but the accompanying rhetoric is worrying as it may hint at the possibility of a yet another war planned by U.S. for the near future against a smaller state.

Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said in a statement that Washington had a “commitment to hold North Korea accountable for its destructive and destabilising conduct.”

The case of North Korea indicated that U.S. is far from being embarrassed by the recent disastrous events in Libya, Iraq and Ukraine. They will obviously not shy away from any means of aggression given even no excuse whatsoever. When needed, an excuse will be manufactured and used, even when it’s as ridiculous as claims that North Korea attacked Sony Corporation.

Anything goes when it’s war time and since many years for USA it is war all the way – economic here, military there.


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Did North Korea hack Sony Corporation?

The attack on the networks of Sony Corporation was revealed in November. Almost immediately North Korea was blamed. Nobody in computer security circles took the accusations seriously. Now it appears that only a couple of weeks after the incident FBI is certain that North Korea was behind the attack.

Apparently, there were many traces of North Korea involvement left behind. So many, in fact, that it becomes reasonable to question the motivation of those who push the blame.

Attackers used computer servers in Bolivia, Cypress, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Thailand and the United States to attack Sony. The IP addresses associated with those servers have “previously [been] linked to North Korea” by the FBI. The malware used against Sony had what the FBI calls “lines of code” and “data deletion” methods similar to malware “North Korean actors previously developed.” The computer-wiping software used against Sony was also used in a 2013 attack against South Korean banks and news outlets, which the FBI attributed to North Korea. The malware was built on computers set to Korean language — unusual in the hacking world. Hackers demanded Sony Pictures pull “The Interview” to avoid starting a war over a movie.

Nobody in their right mind would execute a long term attack while leaving behind so many traces. Like in criminal stories, when something is too obvious, it may well be the planted evidence.

Political motivation is even more questionable. Sony is a private Japanese company. Why does the US government show such involvement? Obviously, they want an excuse to disconnect North Korea from the Internet or, even better, receive a pretext for a war against them. Obama already promised to strike back at North Korea “proportionately”, without waiting for any evidence of North Korea involvement in the act.

Too often, USA declares something to be true and uses their own statements as justification for waging economic and military aggression against other countries. Now it’s North Korea’s turn. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing has been orchestrated and executed under the US command.… -->

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Sony Corporation – ready for a takeover

The good old Sony logo.

The business world never seizes to amaze. Another great company bites the dust – Sony Corporation. The company was brought to a complete distraction in just 15 years. Well, ok, it still exists but that is, first, not for long, and second, that is a pitiful shadow of the once great company.

In the news, Sony is selling its computer business “to concentrate on mobile”. What a load of bullshit. Sony is also apparently spinning out its TV business. Am I the only one that finds it all hard to believe? Sony, the great empire of video everything – video recording, video transmission, video viewing, video gaming – is going to concentrate on mobile phones. What a joke. Sony always had and still has the greatest technology in video and throwing all that out of the window is just, well, business nonsense. And therefore something else will happen.

I have a feeling of a deja vu with this story. Nokia folded while being the market leader to concentrate on, what, networks. Now Sony is folding while being the market leader to concentrate on mobile. Nonsensical explanations at best for the rest of us.

When did it all start? Sony started to sell off its assets, buildings in the first place, some time around the turn of the century. That was a clear indication of things going quite wrong financially – someone wanted the cash and did not care at what price to the company it would come. That started the financial erosion of the company that progressed swiftly: I do not think Sony owns much in terms of property anymore. Sony announced to stop manufacturing the Aibo robot dog in 2006 and that was the clear beginning of an end in technological sphere. Best and inventive products were not encouraged, the research engineers were the first to go in the several job cut rounds that followed. No new and exciting products came out.

There could be more at play that is obvious to me but these two pillars of destruction: financial erosion and enforced technological stagnation are already unsurprisingly sufficient to bring a company to its knees. Or to bring Sony to an extremely vulnerable position, ready for a takeover, if you prefer. And that is exactly what we see happening – takeover of key businesses of Sony by overseas companies. That is what it is all about. Who will get the Sony logo?

Good-bye, Sony. I will keep a fond memory of you.… -->

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Where will you get a good TV?

I am looking at the reports for TV sales for the last quarter of the last year comparing it to the previous year. What most analysts are interested in is the amount of shipments and how good LCD compared to other technologies is doing and why there is a little decline in TV shipments and things like that.

I am looking at it and I am feeling very sad. Here is why. The best TV manufacturers are historically Japanese. We may argue about it all day long but you would never call a Sony TV set “bad”, would you? Same goes for Sharp. The best two manufacturers of TVs in history of flat panels. And so I am very sad to see how they keep shrinking away under the pressure of their cheap-junk-TV competition. Sad, sad story. Where will you get your TV in 10 years if all you will have is junk, eh?


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