The Factor of Money

I call this interesting thing “The Factor of Money”. What is it? It is one of the things quite wrong with the world from most people’s perspective. Although, to be fair, most of them do not realize it. And there is a minority who abuse the rest so it is quite ok for them. But let’s see.

A society is built on a number of factors that the society considers important. And whoever controls the decisive factor controls the society. If most of the world considers a single factor of utmost importance then whoever controls that factor controls the world.

Factors important, or crucial, for the people in the society may differ. One of the factors quite widespread nowadays is money. Notice how USSR, the Soviet countries overall, were not into money before. like the eighties. And those countries were quite apart from the other countries that were controlled by money. They were independent and powerful, they could not be easily subverted by money. Once they joined the throng in cherishing the money factor, they became a slave to the controllers of the money factor. Notice how quickly their deterioration happened.

Now watch this. China was always quite separate from the money world. They became strong on a basis totally different from money. Now they let the money in. What do you think will happen? Yes, let’s watch them being overtaken by the overlords of money. They stand no chance anymore whatever they may think about it.

The Factor of Money is the factor that leads to enslaving entire countries to the will of the Lords of Money. If you want your society or country to be independent, the first thing to do is to break away from The Money Factor.

4 thoughts on “The Factor of Money

  1. sounds very nice…..but i dont notice you putting forward any viable alternative to money………..i dont think money per say is the problem……its the crooked methods that the money is manipulated thats the problem……..remove the money (which is only a symbol of the value of the goods it represents) and you have achieved nothing because the goods themselves are even easier to manipulate……….

  2. Not only I do not put forward any viable alternatives, I do not put forward any alternative whatsoever. Never intended to. Although, if you look at all the philosophy books and various countries around the history of the world, you will notice how some places some time managed to put forward something else than money. It is not required to abolish the money, it is required that moeny takes a back sit to something else. That’s all.

  3. FAIR ENOUGH……so i would assume that you may be advocating some form of moral standard that reduces money to its utalitarian function as opposed to the god like consumerism worship status it has at present?…………….

  4. I am not advocating anything. Everyone is free to live their own lives in whatever miserable way we personally see fit. I simply note the dismal state of affairs and the general unawareness of the situation.

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