Water – an artificially global problem

You must have heard that the amount of potable water is limited in the world. You must have heard that we all have to save water in the whole world because water is precious. Nearly all of that is nonsense. At least the “global” part of it definitely is.

Yes, water is important, in some parts precious. However, drinkable water is not a global problem. It cannot be. It is a local problem, local to the particular geographic location. Saving water in a place where there is abundance of it does not do anything for other locations where water may be scarce. Problems with water must be solved locally.

This problem was artificially converted into a global problem. It allows increasing prices for water anywhere, requesting that people save water where they cannot be made to pay for it – it is an economically profitable wave of uncertainty created to rip off people.

This is a shameless ripoff because we are made to pay for an abundant resource as if it is scarce. Water is an artificially global scarcity problem.… -->

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Portugal: don’t jump to conclusions but…

I just noticed an interesting article over at Forbes about the “Owners of Portugal” documentary. The article pointed to a couple of extremely interesting charts. And, although it asks not to jump to conclusions I find that, not jumping to conclusions, extremely hard to do.

The charts in question are: the big family and 30 years, 115 members of the government.

Check for yourself, I bet you’ll start jumping to conclusions!… -->

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Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?

A very interesting paper was published at Microsoft Research by Cormac Herley. It looks at the question “Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?” and comes out with an unavoidable conclusion that that is by design.

Far-fetched tales ofWest African riches
strike most as comical. Our analysis suggests that is an
advantage to the attacker, not a disadvantage. Since
his attack has a low density of victims the Nigerian
scammer has an over-riding need to reduce false positives.
By sending an email that repels all but the most
gullible the scammer gets the most promising marks to
self-select, and tilts the true to false positive ratio in his

An interesting consequence of which is that even if only few people take the trouble to answer those scam letters but never actually go through with the money transfer, the Nigerian Scam would become prohibitively expensive to run.… -->

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The Factor of Money

I call this interesting thing “The Factor of Money”. What is it? It is one of the things quite wrong with the world from most people’s perspective. Although, to be fair, most of them do not realize it. And there is a minority who abuse the rest so it is quite ok for them. But let’s see.

A society is built on a number of factors that the society considers important. And whoever controls the decisive factor controls the society. If most of the world considers a single factor of utmost importance then whoever controls that factor controls the world.

Factors important, or crucial, for the people in the society may differ. One of the factors quite widespread nowadays is money. Notice how USSR, the Soviet countries overall, were not into money before. like the eighties. And those countries were quite apart from the other countries that were controlled by money. They were independent and powerful, they could not be easily subverted by money. Once they joined the throng in cherishing the money factor, they became a slave to the controllers of the money factor. Notice how quickly their deterioration happened.

Now watch this. China was always quite separate from the money world. They became strong on a basis totally different from money. Now they let the money in. What do you think will happen? Yes, let’s watch them being overtaken by the overlords of money. They stand no chance anymore whatever they may think about it.

The Factor of Money is the factor that leads to enslaving entire countries to the will of the Lords of Money. If you want your society or country to be independent, the first thing to do is to break away from The Money Factor.… -->

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Floods in Pakistan and China

A very interesting watch of the news again. As you probably noticed (if not – good for you!), there are heavy floods in Pakistan and China. Facts are as follows, according to BBC:

  • Around 350 million people are affected in China
  • Around 20 million people are affected in Pakistan
  • Estimated 1500 people were killed in China
  • Estimated 1600 people were killed in Pakistan
  • Some villages in China were totally wiped off the face of the Earth
  • Some people in Pakistan do not have electricity

What do you think BBC is talking about? Of course, it is Pakistan. Why? According to me, your most reliable analyst, the situation is as follows:

  • Things are basically better organized in China with army and rescue involved, judging by the very few reports by BBC, while in Pakistan things are pretty much left up to the local people.
  • Pakistan has a huge debt to IMF, as opposed to China, so the top honchos have some relationship with the “big brothers in the West”. They will also be sufficiently dependent on the West to agree to basically any conditions.
  • China would not accept aid with “strings attached” and would not aid willingly in schemings of the West.

It is therefore easy to propose aid to Pakistan under the cover of a difficult situation (that means “money”). So we have the full coverage of the flood in Pakistan, cries for help and shows of suffering (hey, people did not have internet for 3 days, so they are angry!) over there but there is little, if any, mention of the situation in China.

How much money are we talking about? Oh, well, it is not really that much, only half a billion dollars or thereabout. For the time being, that is. People are greedy. Might be raised to a cool billion shortly, watch the news.… -->

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Haiti – getting worse by the hour

Interesting. Haiti seems to be getting deeper and deeper in trouble, like if on purpose. Now it apparently rains there heavily so that all those victims of the earthquake are ever more miserable.

But the interesting thing is not that. Not that at all. If you never knew where Haiti is located, it may well be useful to have a look. You see, it is an island, and a small island at that. And the right-side half of the island is … the Dominican Republic. Haiti is just the left-side half, the anarchic one, with the capital (climed to be heavily hit) nearly on the border with the Dominican Republic.

How is it that the left side suffers from the earthquake and heavy rains and is getting more and more miserable by the hour while the right side of the same bloody island never even gets mentioned in the news? How is that possible?

Well, call me a conspiracy theory freak but this ain’t right. I reckon that the money collected for Haiti quickly disappears in that anarchic state and ends up in some very particular pockets. While if it was collected for the Dominican Republic, well, it would be used (ok, most of it would) for the purpose it was collected for. My guess is that’s why only Haiti needs help. I may be wrong. I hope I am. But I doubt it.… -->

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