Floods in Pakistan and China

A very interesting watch of the news again. As you probably noticed (if not – good for you!), there are heavy floods in Pakistan and China. Facts are as follows, according to BBC:

  • Around 350 million people are affected in China
  • Around 20 million people are affected in Pakistan
  • Estimated 1500 people were killed in China
  • Estimated 1600 people were killed in Pakistan
  • Some villages in China were totally wiped off the face of the Earth
  • Some people in Pakistan do not have electricity

What do you think BBC is talking about? Of course, it is Pakistan. Why? According to me, your most reliable analyst, the situation is as follows:

  • Things are basically better organized in China with army and rescue involved, judging by the very few reports by BBC, while in Pakistan things are pretty much left up to the local people.
  • Pakistan has a huge debt to IMF, as opposed to China, so the top honchos have some relationship with the “big brothers in the West”. They will also be sufficiently dependent on the West to agree to basically any conditions.
  • China would not accept aid with “strings attached” and would not aid willingly in schemings of the West.

It is therefore easy to propose aid to Pakistan under the cover of a difficult situation (that means “money”). So we have the full coverage of the flood in Pakistan, cries for help and shows of suffering (hey, people did not have internet for 3 days, so they are angry!) over there but there is little, if any, mention of the situation in China.

How much money are we talking about? Oh, well, it is not really that much, only half a billion dollars or thereabout. For the time being, that is. People are greedy. Might be raised to a cool billion shortly, watch the news.