BOFH vs. Inkjet Printer

Ah, an excellent piece at the Reg where the Bastard Operator from Hell and his assistant neatly summarize all of the frustration I have for the inkjet printers of today. And then they deal with that inkjet printer, too! Head over and read it:

BOFH: Don’t be afraid – we won’t hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer

I just wish I had access to one of those good old drums to feed it my inkjet…… -->

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Where will you get a good TV?

I am looking at the reports for TV sales for the last quarter of the last year comparing it to the previous year. What most analysts are interested in is the amount of shipments and how good LCD compared to other technologies is doing and why there is a little decline in TV shipments and things like that.

I am looking at it and I am feeling very sad. Here is why. The best TV manufacturers are historically Japanese. We may argue about it all day long but you would never call a Sony TV set “bad”, would you? Same goes for Sharp. The best two manufacturers of TVs in history of flat panels. And so I am very sad to see how they keep shrinking away under the pressure of their cheap-junk-TV competition. Sad, sad story. Where will you get your TV in 10 years if all you will have is junk, eh?


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