Japan claims Kurils

Interesting. The coverage of the conflict between Russia and Japan borders on non-existent. Here is the list of articles through Google (here is the article in China View). Who reports? A couple of low-profile news sites. Not a single mention anywhere in the mainstream news. Why is that?

Japanese parliament claims the Russian territory as Japanese and the news call it “Russian-administered territory”. Funny, that. Shall we call Okinawa Japanese-administered territory in return? I would actually be interested in making one of those “freedom coups” in Okinawa, you know, how long should it stay occupied by Japan already? The whole situation is so artificial and stupid, it is really weird that anyone would believe the claims anyway. But, no, it is convenient for someone to keep Japan away from signing a peace treaty with Russia. Any idea, who wants to keep Japan conveniently at war with Russia? No? Really? Tsk, tsk…

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