Being a manager would never have worked anyway…

Ah, now I finally know the reason why I cannot be a manager: a manager is supposed to hire people smarter than himself. That works for most management but where would I get people smarter than me? I am with Dilbert on this one :)

But, as we like to say, there is a grain of joke in every joke :)… -->

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Next riddle: a train is about to derail

Today’s discussion brought another interesting riddle that at first looked childishly simple:

“Assume that there is a train traveling at a very high speed. The train cannot be stopped. There is a fork in the road ahead and you are in control of the fork. If the train continues as it is, it will derail and kill 100 people. If you switch the tracks and train goes another way, the train will derail and kill 1 person. What do you do?”

I assume this riddle is to get someone into a discussion about why killing one person is better than killing 100. Which is of no interest to me, of course, so my first reaction is that I do not have to get involved and let the events take their place as they are scheduled.

However, I suddenly recognize that the riddle’s setup makes an assumption that is very important. The situation assumes that you were brought somehow, through an improbable chain of events, to control one single point of influence over the situation.

If we take it as true, that means I am brought into the control of the situation for some reason. Not taking action under the circumstances is equivalent to going against the flow of the world because in that case I did not have to be there at all, why bother? The only correct solution to the situation is to take the action that is not equivalent to me being there at all and seeing what happens next. In the case of the train riddle it means I will switch the tracks.

This also comes back to the earlier riddle of the big red button. Assuming that you are brought very specifically in front of that button and got all that explanation and things, you must not shy away from action. The only correct way would be to take the action, press the button and see what happens.… -->

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Big Red Button that kills everyone in Switzerland

Here is a riddle from Jed McKenna’s “Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment”:

– Pretend there’s a big red button on the counter, okay?
– Okay.
– If you press it, you kill everyone in Switzerland.
– Okay.
– If you press it, no one will ever know. You’ll never be blamed or connected to the deaths of all those millions of nice Swiss people.
– Yeah? So?
– So why not press it?

Indeed, why not press the big red button that kills everyone in Switzerland?

I am trying to think for myself but I do not see any reason not to. Funny thing is, I do not see any reason to do it either. When there are no external influences and motivations, basically, I am becoming neutral to this action. Unless there would be an additional compelling reason to do or not to do, I am in the undecided point. The problem with that is that “undecided” is equivalent to “not do” and that is by itself a bias.

The problem is that my ego feels quite happy when I decide not to kill them all, not to push the button. It feels equally happy when I think to myself that I do not have any reason to push the button and I do not have any reason not to push the button, resulting effectively in me doing nothing, i.e. not pushing the button. The result for the ego feels exactly the same.

If my task is to nuke the ego, to bring it to an end, I probably must make the situation really uncomfortable for the ego, bring it to an untenable position. And the only way to do that in this particular simulation is to press the button. So, in the end, there may be a compelling reason to press that button, apparently. Interesting.… -->

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What awaits Ukraine – an interview with Rostislav Ishchenko

Rostislav Ishchenko, the president of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting, gave an interview to “Prague Telegraph”.

Question 1: In response to recent events in Ukraine how probable is an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and NATO?

Answer: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be possible only if the regime in Kiev directly attacks Russian territory (most likely in the Crimea peninsula). If such an attack will not take place, the conflict will further develop in the format of the Civil War, with a gradual and accelerating move of the front line to the West.

As for a conflict between Russia and NATO, the probability is extremely low. Even if the individual contingents of NATO will be present on the Ukrainian territory, and even if Russia will have to officially send own forces to neutralize their troops (which is unlikely, since the militias are able to solve this problem by themselves), it’s just going to be the destruction of the individual armed contingents of individual countries. But this does not mean that NATO will take over the responsibility for the conflict. That is because the recognition of NATO (and thus the United States) itself in a state of armed conflict with Russia leads to an almost inevitable nuclear standoff. USA is ready for a war between Russia and Europe, but the United States is not ready to place their own cities under a threat of a nuclear attack.

Question 2: In what direction is the situation developing in Ukraine? How long will we have to wait for a win / loss of one of the parties?

Answer: Resources of the Ukrainian state are extremely limited. On the other hand the Western world does not have the resources to maintain Ukraine either. Therefore, it seems to me, the active (military) phase of the conflict is to end by the late winter, tentatively by January 2015. And Kiev must be defeated because if Kiev suddenly defeats Donbass, then the United States will face the question of what to do with this “suitcase without a handle” and where to get the resources to maintain it? Kiev’s defeat in the Civil War absolves America of all responsibility. In Washington, they will announce that it is all Putin’s fault. But if Kiev wins and then collapses under the weight of economic problems, the blame will be squarely on Washington, who would appear too greedy to rescue an ally.… -->

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Ukrainan Safari: cheap and cheerful!

Ukrainian millionaire Mikola Berezovyi was killed in a fight with militia during his “safari” to Eastern Ukraine on August 10.

Ukrainian army kills civilians in the south-east of the country, firing artillery on the cities and towns. So the military works to ensure that the survivors flee their homes and leave the country, confidently states the militia commander of Lugansk People’s Republic Alexander Mozgovoy.

“There were even occasions when tourists in “hot spots” were given the possibility to shoot from the army’s tank or cannon for money. That is, people come to the war zone like if on safari … That is how the Ukrainian military earn money from someone else shooting at the cities for them,” – said Alexander Mozgovoy.

Some of the volunteers of the punitive forces do not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot from a tank, volunteers pay two hundred dollars, out of a howitzer – one hundred dollars. But to shoot an inhabited village, the tourists are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government values ​​people very cheap and foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure treat people as animals.

The leader of the militia is sure that Kiev does not need people of Donbass, they are redundant in the area where the government is planning to mine for shale gas. In Slovyansk, recently captured by the Ukrainian Army after weeks of bombardment, there is already a shale gas fracking tower and the equipment has been delivered to one more village. So this total genocide of the people is performed for economic reasons under the guise of a military operation.… -->

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Ukraine: a summary of situation by Aleksandr Bileckiy

Aleksandr Bileckiy wrote a great succinct summary of the situation in Ukraine. Allow me to paraphrase:

– Red Cross designated the situation in the Ukraine as “civil war”, making it impossible for Ukraine to obtain credit assistance from the IMF, as well as denouncing all the myths of “terrorists”.

– Humans Rights Watch confirmed that Ukrainian government forces used unconventional weapons of mass destruction indiscriminately on the people of Donetsk and Lugansk, thereby killing thousands of women, children, old people, destroying infrastructure and residential sectors of the cities.

– The international CSCE observers group monitoring the Russian-Ukrainian border have not recorded any cases of transfer of weapons, but confirmed the presence of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing to the territory of Russia.

– Russia provides humanitarian and medical assistance to servicemen of Ukrainian Army that refused to continue to participate in punitive operations against the citizens of Ukraine.

– Monstrous provocation with the Malaysian Boeing shot down in Ukraine which claimed hundreds of lives has not achieved its goals. All responsibility for the deaths lies with the current Kiev government that creates conditions and gave instructions to the aviation and air defense to destroy a civilian airliner.

– The population refuses to trust government run media and protests against further mobilization to the slaughterhouse in the interests of bankers and oligarchs, corrupt officials and U.S. lackeys.

– The businesses close down, planting and harvesting of crops is disrupted, millions of people in search of work go to Russia, wages are in decline, pensions and benefits are not paid, insane growth for utilities costs and tax increases – all of this prepares the country for a major social upheaval against anti-Ukrainian and inhumane policy of the current aggressive criminal regime.

Indeed, the situation in Ukraine is as bleak as that and worse.


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Crimeans appeal to Ukraine

The people of Krym (Crimea) are appealing to the Nazi of Ukraine in no uncertain terms:

If you dare to set your foot here, you will learn the meaning of the slogan “Death to the Occupiers!” Donetsk militias will suddenly seem hospitable relatives to you. We have English, French, Turkish, Italian and German cemeteries in Sevastopol. If you do not want a “Ukrainian” to appear, put things in good order in the territories that you still have.

Don’t envy someone else, leave Donbass alone – they made their choice. Just draw yourselves a new map while you still have the opportunity to include on it the state with the strange name “Ukraine”.

Crimea is ours. And we will never ever again give it to you. You played enough with it. You try us – and you will receive back wholesale for everything at once: constant insults to our country and mutilated Kiev, crushed Odessa and killed children in Donbass, and, of course, for “Crimea is Ukraine”.

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Colonial wars

It simply amazes me to watch the colonial wars in our time. Somehow years ago I thought it would not be possible to do large-scale colonial wars anymore, that nobody in their right mind would actually dare start a war like that anymore. And there we are, it is all happening in front of our very eyes. Simply unbelievable. Yes, like Iraq, Syria and Libya and all that.

Today they have it in the news that NATO provides air support to the “rebels”. I do not even know where to start laughing at that. At the notion of “rebels”? At the NATO support to anyone but the rightful country administration? At the fact that they are fighting over the control of oil fields? At the comments of Australians that the actual government’s “days are numbered”? At the equally cool reaction to all this of the whole brainwashed population right across the globe?

We had recently an outbreak of some weird bacterias that took away several lives and almost started an epidemic in Northern Germany. I guess nobody sees this as a direct result of the colonial wars or what? No, the services that must know – they know, I am sure. The disease that combines the most horrible parts of two bacterias and resists contemporary antibiotics comes from cucumbers and lettuce? Give me a break! It comes from the demonstrated desire of France and UK to join the colonial wars and cut a piece of pie for themselves and from the outspoken desire of Germany to stay away from it. You want a piece of war? You do not want to give support? Here is a bit of bacteriological warfare for you, think twice before cutting ahead of Uncle Sam.

Strangely, we do not seem to be able to trust ourselves anymore. You know, a hundred years ago people were more honest, I think. Honest to themselves. They would admit they are going to war. They would say to their own population that we are a country at war and there will be casualties even if we all do watch out. Now we pretend that nothing has happened and blame it on the farmers. Yeah, right.

I do not think they can keep up the good appearances forever. There are destabilizing forces that force EU time and time again to look internally rather than externally. Those forces are man-made. I think they have to be known. It is much more efficient to fight against known enemies. The people must know what they are up against. Well, that is, if we really are up against something… -->

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