A note on NATO

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is touted as a “system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party.” In reality, NATO does not perform any defensive functions in principle. All actions of the military alliance were and still are invasions of sovereign states.

NATO is one of the most aggressive international organizations in the world. So, the massive bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999 by the North Atlantic alliance’s troops killed more than a hundred thousand inhabitants, after which the country was divided. In 2001, the NATO forces invaded Afghanistan and destroyed the government, as well as killed tens of thousands of citizens of this country. Next in line was Iraq. In 2003, NATO forces launched an operation to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein. According to various estimates, this operation killed over 1 million Iraqis. In 2011, in the war against Libya by the North Atlantic Alliance the NATO bullets killed about 50,000 people.… -->

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Fidel Castro: U.S. decided to settle scores with Russia and China

Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad in an article published in Cuban media. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS.

Apparently referring to the pressure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been trying to exert on Moscow in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, which coincides with calls for the ramping up of military budgets of NATO member countries, Cuba’s iconic leader accused Western politicians of hypocrisy and aggression.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for NATO when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” Castro wrote in a column published in Cuban state media.

The statements of the 88-year-old leader came after NATO announced it will create a 4,000-strong “spearhead” high-readiness force that can be deployed rapidly in eastern Europe and the Baltic states to help protect member nations against potential Russian aggression.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to NATO’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Castro attacked the West for its “cynicism” and said that it became “a symbol of imperialist policy.”

“The world has seen no respite in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community, under the strict and unconditional leadership of the United States, decided the time had come to settle scores with what was left of two great nations – Russia and China – that… had carried out the heroic deed of putting an end to the imperialist colonial order imposed on the world by Europe and the United States,” Castro said.

Instead of promoting conflicts, the governments should “introduce more food, build hospitals and schools for the billions of human beings who desperately need them,” the Cuban leader believes.

Castro stressed that Cuba will continue to resist the US, despite the costs to the Cuban economy due to the US embargo, saying that “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

 … -->

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NATO: Ukraine is a good excuse for military bases in Eastern Europe

The Guardian reports that NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the organisations’s summit in Cardiff next week would overcome divisions within the alliance and agree to new deployments on Russia’s borders.

“We will adopt what we call a readiness action plan with the aim to be able to act swiftly in this completely new security environment in Europe. We have something already called the Nato response force, whose purpose is to be able to be deployed rapidly if needed. Now it’s our intention to develop what I would call a spearhead within that response force at very, very high readiness.

“In order to be able to provide such rapid reinforcements you also need some reception facilities in host nations. So it will involve the pre-positioning of supplies, of equipment, preparation of infrastructure, bases, headquarters. The bottom line is you will in the future see a more visible Nato presence in the east.”

NATO plans to establish a permanent network of operational military bases across Eastern Europe trampling the pledges of the West not to expand the military presence to the East. NATO continues its march towards the Russia’s borders demonstrating a total absence of free will and clearly exhibiting the intentions of escalating the military standoff with Russia.

Ironically, NATO’s latest enlargement plans are being opposed not just by Russia, but by its very members, some of whom do not see the point in aggravating tensions with Moscow. The most outspoken support for the expansion plans comes from the most distant members – U.S. and UK. Other members, like France, Spain and Italy, clearly expressed serious concerns with the military plans. Germany remains noncommittal for the moment.

Remarkably, Rasmussen asserted that Russia “does not consider NATO a partner,” when it was NATO that flat-out refused Russian participation in the controversial US missile defense system, also planned for Eastern Europe. Such cooperation could bring to end years of mutual suspicion and antagonism between the cold-war era foes. Instead, the US and NATO opted to try to keep Russia isolated, ensuring nothing less than another full-blown arms race.

Meanwhile, there is no question as to how Russia views NATO’s relentless eastward encroachment.

“No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we … -->

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What awaits Ukraine – an interview with Rostislav Ishchenko

Rostislav Ishchenko, the president of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting, gave an interview to “Prague Telegraph”.

Question 1: In response to recent events in Ukraine how probable is an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and NATO?

Answer: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be possible only if the regime in Kiev directly attacks Russian territory (most likely in the Crimea peninsula). If such an attack will not take place, the conflict will further develop in the format of the Civil War, with a gradual and accelerating move of the front line to the West.

As for a conflict between Russia and NATO, the probability is extremely low. Even if the individual contingents of NATO will be present on the Ukrainian territory, and even if Russia will have to officially send own forces to neutralize their troops (which is unlikely, since the militias are able to solve this problem by themselves), it’s just going to be the destruction of the individual armed contingents of individual countries. But this does not mean that NATO will take over the responsibility for the conflict. That is because the recognition of NATO (and thus the United States) itself in a state of armed conflict with Russia leads to an almost inevitable nuclear standoff. USA is ready for a war between Russia and Europe, but the United States is not ready to place their own cities under a threat of a nuclear attack.

Question 2: In what direction is the situation developing in Ukraine? How long will we have to wait for a win / loss of one of the parties?

Answer: Resources of the Ukrainian state are extremely limited. On the other hand the Western world does not have the resources to maintain Ukraine either. Therefore, it seems to me, the active (military) phase of the conflict is to end by the late winter, tentatively by January 2015. And Kiev must be defeated because if Kiev suddenly defeats Donbass, then the United States will face the question of what to do with this “suitcase without a handle” and where to get the resources to maintain it? Kiev’s defeat in the Civil War absolves America of all responsibility. In Washington, they will announce that it is all Putin’s fault. But if Kiev wins and then collapses under the weight of economic problems, the blame will be squarely on Washington, who would appear too greedy to rescue an ally.… -->

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Russian villains are back?

The Defense Committee of UK has published its report “Towards the Next Defence and Security Review” in the part that deals with preparedness of NATO today. The report argues that NATO is not well prepared for a war with Russia today.

Russian Federation actions in Ukraine have now raised the prospect, however unlikely, of a Russian attack on a NATO Member State. The risk of a conventional attack by the Russian Federation on a NATO state is low, but NATO needs to take much more action to deter that risk. The risk of an unconventional attack using the “ambiguous warfare” tactics deployed in Ukraine and elsewhere, whilst still small, is more substantial and would be even more difficult to counter.

It feels like if the clock is running backwards. I caught myself looking for the news of the restoration of the Berlin wall. Are we back to the times of “Cold War”? Should we now expect to get a rerun of all those “Red Menace” movies again?

At the same time, it is a little strange to see the admittance that Russia is prepared to operate using all those modern tactics that we are used to seeing from USA these days: cyberwar, infowar, “ambiguous warfare”, etc. We are used to hearing that Russia is laid back and outdated and, quite suddenly, it turns out that NATO has to play the catch-up game. This is … a tad unexpected, isn’t it?… -->

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Poland enters the war in Ukraine

Powerful artillery, staff buses and trucks to be sent to the Donbass region have arrived to the sea port of Odessa in Ukraine.

Yesterday at the port of Odessa in an atmosphere of high secrecy,  twelve 152 mm self-propelled autoloading guns “Dana” of Czech production, the standard artillery of the Polish Armed Forces, as well as staff buses and trucks, were unloaded. After unloading this artillery battalion (presumably from the Mazury First Artillery Brigade), fully stocked with Polish soldiers, followed its course to the railway station Razdelnaya for loading on railway platforms.

Military experts familiar with the situation suggest that this is the “unpleasant surprise for the militia” that Poroshenko was blabbering about.

Information confirmed by sources from the port of Odessa, railwaymen of the Razdelnaya, the officers from Rybalov (Majdanek), as well as through reputable private channels. The information appears to be absolutely correct. And the question of compensation for Polish partners for their active assistance in the Ukrainian civil war has been already agreed.

Thus, the Ukrainian government has signed for complete inability to cope with the situation on their own own and a NATO member country’s intervention in a civil conflict in Ukraine from a mere probability became a fact. This completely changes the situation and makes probable everything that yesterday seemed impossible…

With this entry of the regular army of a foreign country, a member of NATO, into the civil war in Ukraine the military and political situation has changed radically. Russian Federation and its allies finally have their hands untied for an adequate response.… -->

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NATO supplies weapons to war in Ukraine

NATO supplies Ukraine weapons and military equipment of Soviet production, said Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. “Most of the weapons and equipment of Ukraine is faulty and unusable, so NATO decided to transfer all available old weapons from Eastern European countries”, – wrote the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the military-industrial complex.

Rogozin added that “we are talking about Soviet time weapons production.” These “losses” for the Eastern European countries Washington will compensate with contracts for new weapon systems, said Rogozin. “U.S. military industrial complex is happy,” – he said.

Three hours later, Russian Deputy Prime Minister continued the theme: “By the way, this is a usual thing to do for NATO – throw aviation kerosene over the flames of civil war to put it out.”

Cool. Cheap and cheerful way for NATO (and primarily the United States) to kill a number of birds with one stone. Ukraine gets its promised help, although in fact what it gets are the old and in the hell knows what condition Soviet era weapons. Ukraine now has a life time debt to US for the supply of old weapons and they cannot even claim that it was old worthless junk because the supplies are secret. Ukraine rejoices and does not realize that they were screwed once more. Armies of Eastern Europe get rid of junk and modernize using weapons supplied by U.S, of course not for free.

Escalation of the conflict and an increase in the number of victims in the South East is guaranteed to destabilize Europe. US is strengthening allied NATO armies in Eastern Europe and weakening the position of the Russian Federation. All around, countries become indebted to the United States and U.S. economy growth surges while they really had done absolutely nothing – the deliveries are secret. A perfect win!

And dying women, children, the elderly, all of those civilians – pardon me, but when did it stop the U.S.? Especially if it was a question of money and geopolitical influence?

Electric power plant bombed and destroyed by Ukrainian military in Nikolaevka, Eastern Ukraine.… -->

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NATO Photo of Russian Tanks in Ukraine Fabricated

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) provided satellite imagery Saturday that appeared to reinforce Ukrainian and U.S. claims that Russian tanks had crossed into Ukraine in recent days. Now we know where those photos were fabricated.

Igor Petruk, an employee of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, has been sent to the war front in the Eastern Ukraine because he knows entirely too much. He refused to cooperate. Here is his story.

Good afternoon. I appeal to you personally and from the name of my co-workers, because the situation in our lives is critical. I am an employee, or rather a former employee, of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. I was fired for refusing to go to war in the East against my own people.

But the real reason of course no one will tell you. We are here specialists in the field of space, not the Army. We were only useful to the Agency until our management decided that we knew too much, and wanted to send us away to die in the Donbas war.

And we do know some really interesting things. Everyone has seen the pictures from the spacecraft released by NATO in May and recently in June, depicting the Russian military equipment on the border with Ukraine. In fact, these images were prepared in our space agency, and published through NATO to enhance their credibility.

The pictures are actually obviously fraudulent and would not stand absolutely any criticism, which fact has been repeatedly reported to Koval (Colonel General of Ukraine) even at the stage of fabrication, but the Defense Ministry did not care.

Now let me explain what was added and fabricated on photo released on June 14 by NATO members.

Picture covers a land area with the size of 10×6 km, which is located at the landfill site Kadamovsky (Rostov region., 15 km northeast of Novocherkassk).

In section A it shows three tanks on prepared positions near a concrete covered pad (A1) and one on a dirt road (A2). On real pictures of the same area a concrete pad and prepared positions for armored vehicles are absent. The appearance of the terrain A2 (roadbed and its surroundings) on the fabricated image is also significantly different from the real published photo materials.

On site B, which depicts three tanks on a prepared position for armored vehicles, one can actually identify one armored vehicle and a photo-montage (collage) of two tanks (“clones”).

On site B, there is a column of three tanks

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