North Korea’s nuclear test

Well, it appears that the nation that knows something about the power of nuclear weapons in politics – North Korea – has done another nuclear explosion test. According to BBC, the test has been confirmed by US, South Korea and Russia.

Well, these folks really know what they are doing and no nonsense. I mean, you can think whatever you damn please about their country, government and political direction, but you have to give them this: they have correct ideas about sovereignty and protecting the state borders. They are correctly asserting that the only thing that can help them now that USSR is gone down the drain is the nuclear power. And I bet they do not care much for any idiotic shit like “keeping balance” or “worldwide peace”. Their finger in your face message is simple: touch us and we show you Hell on Earth. And it looks like the “world powers” believe them too well.

You see, the Nihon folks could not say anything more than “Tokyo would respond “in a responsible fashion” “. Damn they will. Tokyo jumps to the command of the US, as always. The only responsible thing Tokyo can do now is shut up and work fast on their own fleet of nuclear weapons before those US bases are wiped out in some freak accident involving nuclear (or even regular) fire power… But I digress, that’s a subject for a separate article.

What does EU say? Believe it or not, “the development was “very worrying”.” No kidding, eh? Why is it worrying for the EU? I understand if EU feels threatened by it, hell, yeah, it would be worrying but would North Korea actually threaten EU right now? Not likely. What’s actually worrying EU then? I think it is the example. The example of a country that can stay isolated and not only survive but improve their own weapons so that the enemies must stay at bay. What if other countries followed the example? What would be the so-called “peace keeping army” worth if all those “pacified” countries suddenly had nuclear fire power and were not afraid to use it?

And this is just the beginning indeed. North Korea now feels sufficiently brave to denounce any agreements that were jammed its throat before: “But the North now believes it is no longer bound by its previous bilateral agreements with the US and agreements under the six-party talks”. Hell, yeah! I do not know whether the guys there are bad or good but you must give them this: they have balls!

6 thoughts on “North Korea’s nuclear test

  1. The new article of BBC here:

    It quotes North Koreans as saying the following:

    “It is clear that nothing has changed in the US hostile policy against DPRK [North Korea]… even under the new US administration,” the North’s KCNA news agency said in an article criticising recent US moves to relocate its fighter jets.

    “Our army and people are fully ready for battle… against any reckless US attempt for a pre-emptive attack.”

    Hell, yeah! Finally someone has the chutzpa to stand up to the Yankees.

  2. “The government in Seoul has announced it will delay no longer in joining the PSI – a US-led non-proliferation campaign aimed at stopping the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction by stopping and searching ships carrying suspect cargoes.” — from

    Hell, I did not know there was such a thing! Did you? So, they give themselves the authority, damn Yankees do, to actually stop and search any ship they damn please? What is this? As far as I remember, the ship is a part of the territory of a sovereign state under whose flag the ship is sailing. This is equivalent to breaching national borders. Damn! I cannot imagine that such things happen in the world! How did we come to this?

  3. I have a very, very uneasy feeling about this…

    You know, I suddenly realised how convenient it would be for both the North Korean head of government, who seems to be on the brink of demise, and for the USA head of government, whose country is on the brink of demise, to actually start a war…

    Damn, it would be so convenient for both of them, I do not even need to explain it, it is so obvious. So a strange thought is making me ill at ease – this all could be just a coordinated show to give the two a good time, the time of their lives. Oh, I do not want to believe in this but politics… politics does not know anything about feelings and what&s right and wrong, they know the convenient place and convenient time to push their own ends. And this is just such a situation.

    And even North Korea and USA do not need to agree on anything, they do not even need to talk to each other. It is just so good for both of them, they only need to keep pushing their own agendas and they will help each other.

    And then people will die…

  4. “Any hostile act against our peaceful vessels, including search and seizure, will be considered an unpardonable infringement on our sovereignty,” a spokesman for the North’s army told KCNA.”We will immediately respond with a powerful military strike.”

    And that’s the way any respectable country must behave. A ship is a part of the territory of the country, so it has always been, so stepping on board of the ship is equivalent to breaching borders.

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