Negotiations and lobbies: Merkel visits Obama

US president spoke of the “extraordinary” Russia’s military power, extent of Russia’s border with Ukraine and even mentioned Russian history. Propaganda myth of a massive Russian intervention in Ukraine is now used against its authors at full steam: you can not do something in Ukraine without taking into account the reaction of the Kremlin. Therefore, the U.S. administration will do nothing there – and that’s exactly what Merkel wants. I do not mean that Russia did not intervene; the whole myth was based on hiding the American control of Ukraine and silencing the fact that Russia never took initiative but only ever reacted, and rather sluggishly at that.

Now the Ukrainian issue will be resolved (or not resolved) through diplomacy, and the White House even invented a variant solution: heads of Donetsk and Lugansk will be elected in accordance with the Ukrainian (what’s the difference, why not Chinese?) constitution – and Kiev would be forced to stop the fight and carry on with the negotiations. Obama “has not yet decided” about weapons shipments to Ukraine  – and “will not decide” before the election of the new president. In fact everything will be solved by Putin, whom Merkel persuaded in the Kremlin. He, however, did not put up a fight: if America will mind their own business, and if it you are so good to ask, then so be it.

Angela Merkel looked completely different than during previous visits. If before she felt a bit alien to this celebration of life, and a bit awkward compared to the elegant Michelle Obama, not to mention the women of French presidents, by now she has acquired the character stiffness of the “Iron Lady” Thatcher, perhaps a tad more clear and discreet.

Obama talked about the usual: climate and all the good against the bad things, but in the end he even began to recover. It must have cost him a lot of effort, but he managed. In reality, the talks centered around two issues. Only one of them was on the official agenda, and journalists (unsuccessfully) tried to clarify the details.

The first item really concerned Ukraine. Angela Merkel has brought to the attention of her American counterpart the “Ukrainian dossier” prepared by BND and explained: Germany did not intervene in the American game in Iraq, Libya and Syria; nobody cares… -->

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Kerry recommends to ignore Obama’s statements

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, advised him to pay no attention to the statements of US President Barack Obama that the threat emanating from Moscow is comparable to Ebola.

“I paid attention to here these listings of threats that President Obama has allowed himself ever since his speech at the UN General Assembly. Not so long ago, talking with John Kerry, I asked him what that meant. He said: “Do not pay attention”, “- said Lavrov.

“If situation is so serious, of course, it’s sad,” – stated the Russian minister, speaking during the “government hour” in the State Duma. According to Lavrov, Kerry said those words because at that time he wanted to discuss a coordinated approach to address Iran’s nuclear program and the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The minister noted that for such a “large, powerful, great power,” as the United States, an undignified consumer approach to its partners is unbecoming: “Where I need you, you please help me, and where I want to punish you, you listen to me.”

Barack Obama has repeatedly called Russia’s actions in respect of Ukraine a threat to the entire world. “We are leading the international community in the fight against Ebola in West Africa and countering Russian aggression in Ukraine,” – he said in November. Before that, in September, the US president said that the main threat to international security is the Ebola virus, followed by Russia and then – “Islamic state.”… -->

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Obama must use his influence on Kiev to stop war

The People’s Republic of Lugansk appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to influence the Ukrainian authorities, so that they stop military operations in the east of Ukraine. The statement published on the website of the Lugansk Republic.

The Lugansk Republic government states that “the humanitarian and technogenic catastrophe forces us to turn to you for influence on the Ukrainian authorities for an immediate cease-fire and rescue of hundreds of thousands of civilians who are every day exposed to artillery and missile attacks and air strikes by the Ukrainian regular army and illegal armed groups of neo-fascists.”

The statement announces that the south-east of Ukraine will never be Ukrainian again, “regardless of the outcome of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”.” The authors of the statement also note that they no longer believe Ukrainian officials and military, who cannot be expected to keep a promise. Barack Obama was selected as the recipient of the message because “the severity of the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, for whatever reason, was not yet recognized by the EU and the United States.”

“It [the cessation of military operations] will save hundreds of thousands of civilians and will help you to rehabilitate after Washington backed the illegal usurpation of power in Ukraine by neo-fascists and mass murder of civilians in Donbass” – says Lugansk Republic.… -->

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Ferguson: urgent statement by president Obama

The President of the United States issued an urgent statement in relation to the events in Ferguson, Missouri:

“Russia must use its influence on the rebels in Ferguson to the full extent. If Russia fails to affect the rebels in Ferguson in the near future, the United States will immediately prepare a new set of tougher sanctions.”… -->

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Obama needs a cool billion for war

The U.S. president Barak Obama requested an additional billion dollars from Congress to increase the American military presence in Europe. The reason set forward by Obama is that the European allies are “worried about Russia”.

The plan is to increase the number of troops located around Europe and to provide them with additional training. The Navy will also be beefed up in Black and Baltic seas. U.S. is also planning to use the territories of countries that are not members of NATO for its military bases: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The U.S. president announced his plans and dedication to “defending” Europe at the visit to Poland where he is meeting the newly elected Ukrainian president. This announcement goes well to celebrate the 70th anniversary of U.S. troops disembarkation in Normandy, the so-called D-Day, where nine to ten thousand men, one third of the deployed force, were killed on 6 June 1944.… -->

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