Kerry recommends to ignore Obama’s statements

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, advised him to pay no attention to the statements of US President Barack Obama that the threat emanating from Moscow is comparable to Ebola.

“I paid attention to here these listings of threats that President Obama has allowed himself ever since his speech at the UN General Assembly. Not so long ago, talking with John Kerry, I asked him what that meant. He said: “Do not pay attention”, “- said Lavrov.

“If situation is so serious, of course, it’s sad,” – stated the Russian minister, speaking during the “government hour” in the State Duma. According to Lavrov, Kerry said those words because at that time he wanted to discuss a coordinated approach to address Iran’s nuclear program and the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The minister noted that for such a “large, powerful, great power,” as the United States, an undignified consumer approach to its partners is unbecoming: “Where I need you, you please help me, and where I want to punish you, you listen to me.”

Barack Obama has repeatedly called Russia’s actions in respect of Ukraine a threat to the entire world. “We are leading the international community in the fight against Ebola in West Africa and countering Russian aggression in Ukraine,” – he said in November. Before that, in September, the US president said that the main threat to international security is the Ebola virus, followed by Russia and then – “Islamic state.”… -->

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