Obama badly needs a lesson in European history

The Barack “Dove of Peace” Obama may need a lesson in European history, pronto. This time around he came to Tallinn to save Estonia from “Russian aggression” and made new historic blunders. The American President has the floor: “reaching back to the days of the tsars – trying to reclaim lands “lost” in the 19th century – is surely not the way to secure Russia’s greatness in the 21st century. (Applause.)”

Russia is no doubt thankful to Mr. Obama for his concern about Russia’s greatness. On the other hand, what lands did Russia lose exactly in the 19th century? Maybe the Crimea peninsula? Well, no, actually, Russia has successfully defended Crimea in bloody battles against Western countries when they tried to seize it in the 19th century. Leo Tolstoy described the Crimean War in his works.

Were there perhaps other territorial losses for Russia that the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize laureate could blather about from high tribunes? Well, no, not really. You see, in the 19th century, Russia has destroyed the Great Napoleon’s army, came to Paris and Istanbul. In general, the whole 19th century Russia was scaring the hell out of Europe and augmenting its territory, but no land has been lost.

Obama continues the tradition of proving to the world that American presidents are uneducated, ill-informed and short-sighted people. Oh, well, who needs history in geopolitics nowadays anyway? Fire away!… -->

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Obama must use his influence on Kiev to stop war

The People’s Republic of Lugansk appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to influence the Ukrainian authorities, so that they stop military operations in the east of Ukraine. The statement published on the website of the Lugansk Republic.

The Lugansk Republic government states that “the humanitarian and technogenic catastrophe forces us to turn to you for influence on the Ukrainian authorities for an immediate cease-fire and rescue of hundreds of thousands of civilians who are every day exposed to artillery and missile attacks and air strikes by the Ukrainian regular army and illegal armed groups of neo-fascists.”

The statement announces that the south-east of Ukraine will never be Ukrainian again, “regardless of the outcome of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”.” The authors of the statement also note that they no longer believe Ukrainian officials and military, who cannot be expected to keep a promise. Barack Obama was selected as the recipient of the message because “the severity of the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, for whatever reason, was not yet recognized by the EU and the United States.”

“It [the cessation of military operations] will save hundreds of thousands of civilians and will help you to rehabilitate after Washington backed the illegal usurpation of power in Ukraine by neo-fascists and mass murder of civilians in Donbass” – says Lugansk Republic.… -->

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Ferguson: urgent statement by president Obama

The President of the United States issued an urgent statement in relation to the events in Ferguson, Missouri:

“Russia must use its influence on the rebels in Ferguson to the full extent. If Russia fails to affect the rebels in Ferguson in the near future, the United States will immediately prepare a new set of tougher sanctions.”… -->

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Ukraine: Poroshenko vs. Hitler

Some hot shots compare Ukraine President Poroshenko with Hitler now. This is not historically justified and is not fair to Hitler.

Hitler never bombed German cities and did not destroy the German companies even in 1945. Hitler did not force conscription on children and the elderly. Hitler did not cut wages and pensions, did not deprive its citizens of the right to work and did not cut off the heating, even in wartime.

Hitler was not a corrupt oligarch and did not make money trading military supplies. Hitler built autobahns, popular car companies, kindergartens, schools, free of charge housing. Hitler developed sports and created a powerful system of free medical care for the citizens of Germany.

Under Hitler in Germany there was no drug abuse, pedophilia and other sexual perversions. There was no unemployment, homeless and destitute. No fraud, corruption, speculation and predatory lending rates.

Hitler never said that he was a Democrat, although he was democratically elected in compliance with all the formalities prescribed by law.

Hitler was certainly a monstrous war criminal, but in relation to others, and not to his own people.

Source: Alexander Biletsky… -->

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Ukraine’s new Constitution: no federalization, no language statutes

Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko presented his draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine. He urged deputies to support the project of the Constitution overhaul, because the authorities need something with which they can go into negotiations with the South East.

The draft does not mention federalization and official state status for the Russian language, which is required by the protesters in the Donbass region. As a bait for South East Poroshenko uses so-called “decentralization” rhetoric and the right for local councils to introduce a special status for the Russian language.

“Ukraine was, is and will be a unitary power … It’s the thought of the absolute majority of citizens … There are no discussions and there will be none on the public status of the Russian language,” – Poroshenko said, stressing that recently the number of supporters of the multi-lingual state significantly increased.

However, even such a weak document was categorically not supported by the president’s ruling coalition and sparked protests from allies of Poroshenko in parliament. “First you need to defeat the enemy, then change the Constitution. Any negotiations will lead to the defeat of Ukraine. We would only stagnate the situation in Donbass,”- protested Oleg Lyashko.

Raising the status of the Russian language even at the local level did not suit the head of “Freedom” party Oleg Tyagnibok. He also said that Poroshenko neglected to include provisions for revoking immunity of deputies, the president and judges, and there is no prohibition of communist ideology.

The party “Fatherland” voiced their grievances too. They saw that, despite promises, Poroshenko reserved a significant increase in management roles for his own “siloviki” – he single-handedly would be able to appoint the Prosecutor General, the Heads of State Security Service, National Bank, Foreign Intelligence, Anti-Monopoly Committee.

As a result, the discussion of the draft Constitution was placed on the agenda, but “Freedom” and “Fatherland” promised to prepare their alternative designs of the new Basic Law. The chances of Poroshenko’s proposal being accepted are now slight and we are likely to see a far more nationalistic proposal… -->

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Putin blames Poroshenko for war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Ukrainian leader Poroshenko took full responsibility for the hostilities in Ukraine with his decision to terminate the ceasefire, reports “Interfax”.

“Unfortunately, President Poroshenko decided to resume hostilities. And we could not – I mean ourselves and our colleagues from Europe – could not convince him that the road to a reliable, durable, lasting peace can not be through war “, – Putin said Tuesday at a meeting with diplomats. According to the Russian leader, up to this point Poroshenko had “no direct responsibility for the orders to open fire.” But now, the Ukrainian president took both political and military responsibility for the military atrocities in his country.

The Russian president also promised to continue providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine. “Everything that is happening in Ukraine certainly is an internal affair of the Ukrainian state but we are painfully sorry that people are dying, the civilian population”, – said Putin. According to him, the Russian side intends to continue to assist those in need.

The decision to start a military operation was made originally by interim President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov in mid-April. On the night of June 1, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the termination of the truce and ordered the army to resume military operation in the east of the country, which has been going on for over two months. During this time, the number of victims of the conflict reached several hundred people, including civilians.… -->

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Ukrainian President wants a break

Poroshenko tries "puppy look" in front of the camera

Kiev will not succeed by force to regain control of the eastern regions of Ukraine. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko acknowledged this in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro. Poroshenko also called a mistake the decision to not give Russian language the status of an official regional language.

“We are well aware that we will never succeed to get back these regions by military action”, – the president said, adding that it is necessary to “engage in a struggle for the hearts and minds of people.” According to him, Kiev is ready to decentralize power in Ukraine and “to immediately start rebuilding the infrastructure of the eastern regions and invest in the industry”, using money allocated by the European Union and the United States. “But none of this can not be done in a state of war” – he complained.

So what happened that he is suddenly all so white and fluffy? Is this “Plan B”?

Poroshenko desperately needs a break. The president needs time and resources to form own armed forces, get a financial foundation and political support. He needs to prepare to the fall farce “Elections to the parliament” to stop being a boy for beating. So he has to soften the rhetoric.

The problem is, whatever Poroshenko needs, Timoshenko – who controls the parliament – absolutely does not need. And neither does Kolomoyski, who has the only real army throughout Ukraine and grabbed for himself the most delicious pieces of the former country. Timoshenko ultimately risks losing everything, and Kolomoyski ultimately risks losing even more.

In  this light, those two will not go to any risks and therefore any steps of Poroshenko that may somehow contribute to the strengthening of his position will be ruthlessly blocked. Any hint of the possibility of transition from words to deeds will be rebuffed with a full range of riots, from the notorious “Third Maidan” to a “march on Kiev.”

In other words, the political elite of Ukraine are not “on the verge of a strife.”
The feud has already begun, and there may be no mercy.

 … -->

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Vladimir Putin commented on events in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has commented on the events in Ukraine. Russian President touched on all sensitive issues: the bloodshed in the south-east, the refugee problem, the split in Ukrainian society, attacks on journalists and diplomats.

“We stand for a complete cessation of bloodshed in this conflict, including especially along our borders. Unconstitutional coup in Kiev, the attempt to impose an artificial choice between Europe and Russia onto Ukrainian people pushed the country to split and immersed it in painful internal confrontation. The victims are mainly civilians. We see in the southeast there is bloodshed, there is a real humanitarian disaster, tens of thousands of refugees forced to seek refuge, including in Russia. We see killing and atrocious pursuit of journalists performing their professional duties. We see attacks on diplomats in violation of all norms and conventions as was the case with the Russian Embassy in Kiev and Consulate General in Odessa,” – said the President of the Russian Federation, – “Ukraine must return to the path of peace, dialogue and reconciliation, the main thing is to provide a long-term ceasefire, as a prerequisite for meaningful negotiations between Kiev authorities and representatives of the south-eastern regions. We sincerely want to promote that peace process. ”

This statement was made today by Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin at the ceremony, during which 14 new foreign ambassadors presented credentials to the President.… -->

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