Grandson of a Nazi SS member to head EU from December 1

From December 1, 2014 Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk will lead the European Council in Brussels and preside over the summits of the eurozone.

Tusk’s appointment to key positions was confirmed last Saturday at the extraordinary meeting of the European Union. He promised to act decisively in the “Ukrainian question”. On this occasion, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry Pavlo Klimkin even joked that the appointment of Donald Tusk is the “most significant sanction against Russia.”

What lies behind the determination of the new head of the European Union, the world has yet to learn. However, the determination of the grandfather of Donald Tusk, Joseph, is known in Europe firsthand. He was an accomplice of Adolf Hitler and served in a reserve SS death squad. This information was leaked to the media during the so-called “war of compromising materials”, which began during the presidential elections in Poland in 2005.

At that time Lech Kaczynski won the election. Later, he even apologized for his election headquarters employee  Jacek Kursk who provided allegedly false information about the pedigree of the opponent. But it was too late for Donald Tusk.

The hot topic became the subject of journalist investigation. Information about the fascist roots of Donald Tusk has been confirmed. The severity of the scandal was augmented by the fact that during the pre-election campaign Tusk said repeatedly that both of his grandfathers were in concentration camps for resisting the Nazis.

Thus the appointment of a man, whose ancestors were members of the dreaded fascist SS punitive battalions, as the new head of the European Council can be considered a landmark. After all, Europe does not condemn but openly supports modern fascist crimes in Ukraine.… -->

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Fidel Castro: U.S. decided to settle scores with Russia and China

Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad in an article published in Cuban media. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS.

Apparently referring to the pressure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been trying to exert on Moscow in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, which coincides with calls for the ramping up of military budgets of NATO member countries, Cuba’s iconic leader accused Western politicians of hypocrisy and aggression.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for NATO when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” Castro wrote in a column published in Cuban state media.

The statements of the 88-year-old leader came after NATO announced it will create a 4,000-strong “spearhead” high-readiness force that can be deployed rapidly in eastern Europe and the Baltic states to help protect member nations against potential Russian aggression.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to NATO’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Castro attacked the West for its “cynicism” and said that it became “a symbol of imperialist policy.”

“The world has seen no respite in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community, under the strict and unconditional leadership of the United States, decided the time had come to settle scores with what was left of two great nations – Russia and China – that… had carried out the heroic deed of putting an end to the imperialist colonial order imposed on the world by Europe and the United States,” Castro said.

Instead of promoting conflicts, the governments should “introduce more food, build hospitals and schools for the billions of human beings who desperately need them,” the Cuban leader believes.

Castro stressed that Cuba will continue to resist the US, despite the costs to the Cuban economy due to the US embargo, saying that “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

 … -->

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Donbass against Ukrainian fascists

The image posted to “Ukrainian Military Honor” with the message “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!”

“Who do the people of Donbass fight against?” – this question is often asked these days. This image is from a known resource of Ukrainian fighters “Ukrainian Military Honor” and the accompanying signature says: “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!” The Ukrainian fascists now openly call themselves national-socialists and do not obscure the swastika with wolf hooks.

And at that, we will probably hear again from the Western media: “Where did you see the Nazis in Ukraine? Who told you that people from Donetsk fight the Nazis?”

These are the Nazis. These are the Nazis that EU and U.S. openly support in the war against the population of Donbass. These are the Nazis that are gathered into the fighting battalions by Kiev and unleashed onto the civil population to kill and destroy. These are the Nazis that people of Donbass are fighting against.… -->

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Obama must use his influence on Kiev to stop war

The People’s Republic of Lugansk appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to influence the Ukrainian authorities, so that they stop military operations in the east of Ukraine. The statement published on the website of the Lugansk Republic.

The Lugansk Republic government states that “the humanitarian and technogenic catastrophe forces us to turn to you for influence on the Ukrainian authorities for an immediate cease-fire and rescue of hundreds of thousands of civilians who are every day exposed to artillery and missile attacks and air strikes by the Ukrainian regular army and illegal armed groups of neo-fascists.”

The statement announces that the south-east of Ukraine will never be Ukrainian again, “regardless of the outcome of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”.” The authors of the statement also note that they no longer believe Ukrainian officials and military, who cannot be expected to keep a promise. Barack Obama was selected as the recipient of the message because “the severity of the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, for whatever reason, was not yet recognized by the EU and the United States.”

“It [the cessation of military operations] will save hundreds of thousands of civilians and will help you to rehabilitate after Washington backed the illegal usurpation of power in Ukraine by neo-fascists and mass murder of civilians in Donbass” – says Lugansk Republic.… -->

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Alexander Bilecki: Ukrainian peace is a common task

Kiev can not conquer Donbass and Donbass does not want to overthrow the Kiev regime. Donbass still naively wants just peace for itself, if not like in Crimea, then at least like in Transdniestria. But, “for itself” will not work. The knot is tied very tight, and the knot is in Kiev.

Kiev regime is actually worse than a bitter radish and more destructive than a nuclear bomb for Ukraine. It’s all kept up and running on the idea of ​​a virtual war with Russia, which in fact not only did not recognize the rights of Nazi and oligarchs to seize power, but also dared to protect and help the terrorized population of Ukraine. First, by ensuring the right to live to the inhabitants of the Crimea, and then by helping refugees and the defenders of the eastern regions of Ukraine. This assistance, including saving the lives of Ukrainian Army soldiers and the refugees, is the only argument of the Kiev thieves’ regime for war against its own population.

More than six months have passed since a wave of popular anger at the greed of the oligarchs allowed the most brazen, violent and bloody of them to seize the power and government. During this time, there was not a single law, ordinance, or decree published, which would improve poor and powerless situation of the population on the territory of Ukraine. Not even the German occupiers behaved that defiantly in 1941, who at least announced tax cuts, free enterprise, open kindergartens, theaters, and “helped” to restore the activity of the Church.

Unlike German Nazi, Kiev’s pro-American regime destroys and forbids everything. Any criticism is outlawed under heavy media control, all online forums are controlled by secret services to identify the slightest dissatisfaction, for which people are subjected to repression. Cities are demolished, their inhabitants are killed by bombs, industrial and agricultural enterprises are destroyed. New taxes are introduced, wages are cut, benefits are eliminated. The country faces hunger, cold and fear.

This is exactly what Donbass wanted to protect itself from but their error was in their own self-interest. It is not possible to hope that cutting a heart out of a body affected by gangrene one can save it.

Donbass can be saved only together with the whole of Ukraine, whose people are now all suffering from heartless and irresponsible American lackeys… -->

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Ukrainian Nazi send ultimatum to Kiev

The Ukrianian nationalists of “Right Sector” threatens to march militants to war on Kiev if President Poroshenko does not purge the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from “anti-Ukrainian elements.”

“As of today, along with the open aggression from Russia, the internal counterrevolution is intensified. Its vanguard are revanchist forces in the Interior Ministry, including at the highest levels. This bandit police group and internal separatist movement is headed by Moscow’s henchman and protege General Evdokimov. It is him and his henchmen who are doing everything possible to destroy the achievements of our Revolution, and to pave the way for separatist and terrorist groups in Kiev, “- said the ultra-right in a statement.

The “Right Sector” believe that the example of “violent anti-Ukrainian activities” of Evdokimov are “constant attempts to destroy the Ukrainian volunteer movement “Right Sector”, which was the vanguard of the Revolution and now became the basis for the war of national liberation.”

According to the organization, “from the destruction of our brother Alexander Muzychko and to recent developments in Striy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and other cities, this is a methodical game into the hands of the separatists and Moscow occupiers from the police side. Handing Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk to our enemy, changing to the enemy side in thousands, and at the same time getting a salary from the state, the police rats fight with Ukrainian combatants throughout Ukraine.”

“In this regard, we appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to immediately restore order to the Interior Ministry, dismissing odious representatives of anti-Ukrainian forces from positions in the Ministry of the Interior, and to launch an investigation of their criminal activities,” – said the statement.

“We also demand the release of all detainees, closure of all criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian fighters from the Volunteer Corps of “Right Sector” and other volunteer units and the return of all weapons and vehicles illegally seized from us by police to the war zone”, – added to the organization.

“In case of failure of our demands within 48 hours we will be … -->

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What awaits Ukraine – an interview with Rostislav Ishchenko

Rostislav Ishchenko, the president of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting, gave an interview to “Prague Telegraph”.

Question 1: In response to recent events in Ukraine how probable is an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and NATO?

Answer: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be possible only if the regime in Kiev directly attacks Russian territory (most likely in the Crimea peninsula). If such an attack will not take place, the conflict will further develop in the format of the Civil War, with a gradual and accelerating move of the front line to the West.

As for a conflict between Russia and NATO, the probability is extremely low. Even if the individual contingents of NATO will be present on the Ukrainian territory, and even if Russia will have to officially send own forces to neutralize their troops (which is unlikely, since the militias are able to solve this problem by themselves), it’s just going to be the destruction of the individual armed contingents of individual countries. But this does not mean that NATO will take over the responsibility for the conflict. That is because the recognition of NATO (and thus the United States) itself in a state of armed conflict with Russia leads to an almost inevitable nuclear standoff. USA is ready for a war between Russia and Europe, but the United States is not ready to place their own cities under a threat of a nuclear attack.

Question 2: In what direction is the situation developing in Ukraine? How long will we have to wait for a win / loss of one of the parties?

Answer: Resources of the Ukrainian state are extremely limited. On the other hand the Western world does not have the resources to maintain Ukraine either. Therefore, it seems to me, the active (military) phase of the conflict is to end by the late winter, tentatively by January 2015. And Kiev must be defeated because if Kiev suddenly defeats Donbass, then the United States will face the question of what to do with this “suitcase without a handle” and where to get the resources to maintain it? Kiev’s defeat in the Civil War absolves America of all responsibility. In Washington, they will announce that it is all Putin’s fault. But if Kiev wins and then collapses under the weight of economic problems, the blame will be squarely on Washington, who would appear too greedy to rescue an ally.… -->

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Prime Minister of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko issues a statement

A statement issued yesterday by the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko.

As of this morning, Donetsk is surrounded by the Ukrainian army and National Guard punitive forces. However, people’s militia units are in full control and ready to defend the country’s capital.

This will not be the first time the chasteners announced the surrounding, cleaning and almost taking areas of Donetsk. However, in reality that never worked. Government of Donetsk People’s Republic is confident of victory as ever.

However, the surrounded city is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Bombardments cause many deaths among civilians. In the case of a direct assault on the city the number of victims will increase by orders of magnitude.

Humanitarian corridors today are absolutely absent. Citizens of Donetsk can not get medicine. Food supply is at the end. Because of the blockade and bombardment it is impossible to repair the shattered utility grids. The situation with water and electricity in the city is very bad.

We continue to hope that the world community will affect the bloodthirsty Kiev authorities, so that Donetsk does not repeat the fate of Stalingrad. We are ready for a ceasefire to prevent the extension of humanitarian disaster in the Donbass area.

But the continued aggression of the Ukrainian army will mean that our people’s militia will have to fight at any balance of forces and in any conditions. Kiev must remember how the Nazis ended in Stalingrad, and how a couple of years after the war was taken to Berlin.

Now our city has turned into a united military camp. We will not tolerate the excesses and violence of the Nazis in Donetsk. The fight will take place in every street, every house, for every meter of our land!

The enemy will be thrown back.

We will defend our right to freedom and independence! Residents of Donetsk support our determination in the fight against the invaders!

Victory will be ours!… -->

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Ukraine is a “dirty bomb” threat to the world

The ongoing war in the Donbass creates conditions for radiological terrorism.

DONETSK REGION, UKRAINE. JULY 15, 2014. Local residents clear rubble in a residential area of the town of Snezhnoye in the aftermath of a shelling attack by the Ukrainian government’s forces.

Events in the south-east of Ukraine force us to speak about nuclear safety again. In early July, news agencies reported the shelling of the regional cancer center in Lugansk by the “right sector” nazi with the heavy artillery . A member of the clinic staff was injured and bedridden patients who could not be evacuated into a bomb shelter experienced all the horrors of the missile and bomb fire.

Those who ordered and carried out the attack, hardly thought about that, apart from the patients and staff there are also special medical facilities where diagnosis and treatment of cancer use highly radioactive isotopes. And if a bombshell hit one of these devices, the consequences would be dire.

“The isotopes used in such medical equipment are powerful enough in terms of radiation,” – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Igor Ostretsov, doctor of technical sciences, professor, the deputy director of the Research Institute of nuclear engineering in 1980-2009, – “Isotopes are used in small amounts. But it would be enough for local pollution.”

Nuclear physicist, an expert on nuclear energy with the international organization “Bellona”, Andrew Ozharovsky said that the main danger is the gamma-gun medical devices:

“There cobalt-60 is used for irradiation of cancerous tumors, and in the case of destruction of the instrument a serious pollution will occur. It is certainly not comparable to an accident at a nuclear power plant, but may cause tens or even hundreds of people to suffer and contaminate territory within a few kilometers.”


As an the example Ozharovsky talks about an incident that occurred in the Brazilian city of Goiania in 1987. 7 years after the closure of the hospital in which the equipment remained filled with cesium in a vacant building, marauders stole the parts of the medical device – just with a seemingly totally insignificant amount of dangerous residues. The part was thrown in the trash, but later found by the owner of the landfill, who brought it home and … -->

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Swedish Radio: Battalion “Azov” is a threat to Ukraine

Battalion “Azov”, whose members are involved in the battles against the militias in eastern Ukraine, pose a threat to the country, reports Swedish Radio (

The radio station contacted one of four Swedish citizens who have decided to fight on the side of the battalion. Sniper neo-nazi Mikael Skilt described the situation in Ukraine as a “racial war.”

Swedish radio also quoted from an interview a member of the battalion “Azov” anonymously gave British TV channel Sky News. In the interview he says: “Now we have to fight with Russia, after which we will begin the next revolution to cleanse our own government.”

Ukrainian political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov in an interview with radio station said that the battalion is not fighting for democracy. “Their vision of Ukraine – a fascist dictatorship,” – he said.

According to Swedish Radio, the battalion “Azov”, organized in May and currently consisting of about 300 people, includes the ultra-right and nationalists and was joined by citizens of several European countries.… -->

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