Haiti – getting worse by the hour

Interesting. Haiti seems to be getting deeper and deeper in trouble, like if on purpose. Now it apparently rains there heavily so that all those victims of the earthquake are ever more miserable.

But the interesting thing is not that. Not that at all. If you never knew where Haiti is located, it may well be useful to have a look. You see, it is an island, and a small island at that. And the right-side half of the island is … the Dominican Republic. Haiti is just the left-side half, the anarchic one, with the capital (climed to be heavily hit) nearly on the border with the Dominican Republic.

How is it that the left side suffers from the earthquake and heavy rains and is getting more and more miserable by the hour while the right side of the same bloody island never even gets mentioned in the news? How is that possible?

Well, call me a conspiracy theory freak but this ain’t right. I reckon that the money collected for Haiti quickly disappears in that anarchic state and ends up in some very particular pockets. While if it was collected for the Dominican Republic, well, it would be used (ok, most of it would) for the purpose it was collected for. My guess is that’s why only Haiti needs help. I may be wrong. I hope I am. But I doubt it.