I tried wakeboarding recently… Well, about a month ago, actually. I meant to write about it right away but it slipped through and I only now got around to writing about the awesome experience.

I tried snowboarding before and failed miserably. I tried surfing (in a training pool) and failed miserably. Now, suddenly, I could actually do something very similar and that was a lot of fun. I think I quite like the sport, I would not do it on purpose, like I could go skiing, for example, but being on a beach and seeing the setup…

I think I would go for it. It’s a lot of fun and it is also a heavy exercise. And if I ever get around to actually jumping… Yahoo! You can see how happy I am already with the small and simple exercises :)


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Quality of shit

Have you noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff? God! And you say, “Get that shit off of there and let me put my stuff down!” — George Carlin

Have you noticed how more and more of the stuff becomes shit? A super easy example. I left a bread cutting board in the kitchen sink overnight. No, it is not what you thought. The sink was empty. It was damp, all right, but there was not actually any water in it. Look what happened to the board.

That is something that would never happen to my grandma’s bread board. Ok, you might get it warped if you left it in water for the night, although I think that happened on more than one occasion and did not cause so much damage. This is just shit. A little bit of moisture and off it went. Nonsense.… -->

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Kiev leaves Crimea to die of thirst

Crimea is drying

Ukraine has shut down the water supply to Crimea, leaving a million people without water and with a bleak outlook for the summer and beyond.

The autonomous republic of Crimea (Krym) has left Ukraine after a state-wide referendum on 16 March demonstrated the support of the majority (97%) of citizens of Crimea to the idea. The republic’s democratic government enjoyed an overwhelming level of support from the people living in Crimea ever since.

The ultra-right government of Ukraine that seized the power in a coup d’etat earlier this year did not appreciate the loss of control over Crimea and decided to punish the people of the peninsula for their democratic choice. The border has remained closed ever since and the supplies were cut off.

Crimea received 80% of its water supply from the North Krym canal that is now closed by Kiev. The water shortage will slowly increase as the water levels in reservoirs subside. Already, the government says that most crops this year may be written off because there is no water left for agriculture. That means if Crimea people do not die of thirst this summer they are looking at a shortage of food and starvation in the winter.

This is a new level of sadism. Torturing a whole country by closing their supply of water could only be seen as criminal.… -->

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