What is this woman thinking-feeling?..

Is this not a funny and confusing picture? How do you feel when you see this? It just feels wrong, doesn’t it? Why? What do we assume that contradicts the vision? What instincts tell us about the situation and how does that contradict what we are led to believe in seeing?

First, I thought to make a joke that she is scared to see in daylight what was inside her the night before. But then I thought better of it because, first, the thing is going to be much smaller at breakfast, and, second, why would she be scared instead of admiring it? Women are usually rather playful and cheerful, if a bit subdued, after a good night.

Then I thought, “ah, but maybe she is in love and she is looking up at her master.” But that doesn’t make sense either. She would be then making breakfast for him, not waiting for him to serve her. She would not be so nervous, would she? That look does not really work and the actions clearly contradict such possible conclusion.

Admit it, I concluded, there is no way this situation could play out between a man and a woman. Therefore, the second person must be a woman too. That explains everything. Female dominance and fear. Bloody feminists.… -->

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Internet: survival of the biggest

The Economist has an interesting cover this time that you can see here. The big four are warring over our data. The squids will use and abuse our data in numerous ways and they will war over the full control over that data. Scary but true. The on-line article is here.

The digital revolution these giants have helped foment has brought huge benefits to consumers and businesses, and promoted free speech and the spread of democracy along the way. Yet they provoke fear as well as wonder. Their size and speed can, if left unchecked, be used to choke off competition

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