BOFH vs. Inkjet Printer

Ah, an excellent piece at the Reg where the Bastard Operator from Hell and his assistant neatly summarize all of the frustration I have for the inkjet printers of today. And then they deal with that inkjet printer, too! Head over and read it:

BOFH: Don’t be afraid – we won’t hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer

I just wish I had access to one of those good old drums to feed it my inkjet…… -->

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Buzziness of Buzzwords

Stob at The Reg shares the latest of word on the buzziness of buzzwords:

Jargon Credibility
(1.0 best, -1.0 worst) agile -0.17 design by contract -0.82 data-driven -0.76 fluent 0.97 functional 0.95 injection 0.65 inside-out/outside-in 0.32 lightweight 0.57 native 0.81 object-oriented -0.84 pattern -0.13 performant -0.21 pushback 0.77 seam 0.93 technical debt 0.16 test-driven 0.12 top-down/bottom-up -0.72 unit test (as noun) 0.36 unit test (as verb) 0.43 virtual -0.53

Incidentally, one of the latest BOFH is about jargon too. So, am I not the only one tired of jargon?… -->

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