Hang them all!

The recent article on damn lies by Tim Worstall in The Reg ended with a lament “It’s something of a pity that the upcoming ballot papers will not have a “hang them all” box to tick.”

Now, that got me thinking… You know what? What an excellent idea! This should indeed be an option on the ballot papers. Someone wants to be a public servant? Well, jolly good, you be the servant to the end, including, if public finds it necessary, to the bitter end. Every ballot should have such a line “hang him/her” as an option. If people get dissatisfied, they’ll hang him. If people feel bored, they’ll hang him. Why not? Getting a share of money, and a good share it is, must involve some risk. We are now at the position where being a politician is a totally risk-free job. You just do what you want, get rich and either get out or get on with it. No risk, only gains. Let’s put some risk into the job! Maybe then people will consider carefully their ability to govern the country to the common good…

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