Leda Monster Bunny – better than sex text

How often did I wonder what the search results are really based on? I get sometimes really strange things thrown at me all of a sudden. And here I am, looking at some articles about getting the best impression with Google, and what do I find?

Leda Monster Bunny

Leda Monster Bunny – Better Than Text

You get the best impression with Google simply by being Leda Monster Bunny. Otherwise, it’s hopeless. No, really, she is getting millions of hits on YouTube and all for just, what, being cute? And we are struggling to get our websites well organized and respectful to all those guidelines for webmasters and all, sweating day and night through the little details of our code. I think I cannot help but feel just a little bit envious that someone gets to be in the top for just a bit of good looks and cosmetics.

Now I understand why people turn to those fairly complicated techniques of SEO – they desperately hope that this cosmetics will do wonders for their sites and the sites will sky-rocket like Leda Monster Bunny videos. But, you know what? She works hard too, it takes her time, dedication and effort to look like that. So, that is what it really takes – effort, time, dedication. We will get there.

2 thoughts on “Leda Monster Bunny – better than sex text

  1. Must … apply … cosmetics :)

    Really, it’s next to impossible to reach any sort of audience nowadays. Say with over 1000000 apps on google play how can you possibly get anywhere near the top of the search if you have no years of history.

  2. Oh, come on! Look, I reached you! :)

    Perseverance, my friend, perseverance – that is our only hope…

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