Invaders are changing the sexual life of Europe

Amazing how things are turning out in Europe nowadays with the influx of all the asylum seekers, refugees and other immigrants. The sexual life is definitely changing, most of the time unwillingly for the locals.

A surge in violent attacks and rape attempts on women and girls in Sweden caused the police to advice women not to go outdoors alone anymore. Sex attacks on girls and children in Germany cause the public authorities to introduce new rules: the public swimming pools will be sex segregated now. Moreover, the swimming pools “have also hired plainclothes security officials, dressed in swimwear to look like other visitors, who will be on patrol swimming in the pools and using the slides.” In Germany the sex attacks can be followed on a map created by volunteers drawing information from the media reported cases, called “Cologne every day“.

You would think the government may want to do something about it, right? Well, the Ministry of Health has put up an explicitly-illustrated website dedicated exclusively to promoting interracial and non-traditional sex between the nonwhite “refugees” and Europeans. The website says that its purpose is to give “advice on sex and sexuality for migrants who have not been living long in Germany.” The drawings on the website mostly depict interracial sex and the website also promotes homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and “transgenderism.”

The website provides useful advice like “A man and a woman, or two men, can have sex with penetration of the anus. A woman cannot get pregnant through penetration of the anus. However, avoid semen leaking into the vagina.” For those girls, who are afraid to go out onto the streets, the site helpfully hints: “You can also have vaginal sex using objects, like a dildo or a vibrator (sex toys).” On the other hand, if you are a male and you are not sure whether you should get out onto the street or in a swimming pool and score, the site advises: “If you drink alcohol, you can feel more like having sex and you feel fewer restraints.” Yeah-hoo!

Overall, the government message leaves no uncertainty about one thing: anal intercourse between “migrants” and Europeans must be viewed by both sides as the new norm, whether the latter like it or not.… -->

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Leda Monster Bunny – better than sex text

How often did I wonder what the search results are really based on? I get sometimes really strange things thrown at me all of a sudden. And here I am, looking at some articles about getting the best impression with Google, and what do I find?

You get the best impression with Google simply by being Leda Monster Bunny. Otherwise, it’s hopeless. No, really, she is getting millions of hits on YouTube and all for just, what, being cute? And we are struggling to get our websites well organized and respectful to all those guidelines for webmasters and all, sweating day and night through the little details of our code. I think I cannot help but feel just a little bit envious that someone gets to be in the top for just a bit of good looks and cosmetics.

Now I understand why people turn to those fairly complicated techniques of SEO – they desperately hope that this cosmetics will do wonders for their sites and the sites will sky-rocket like Leda Monster Bunny videos. But, you know what? She works hard too, it takes her time, dedication and effort to look like that. So, that is what it really takes – effort, time, dedication. We will get there.… -->

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