Red Panda based Cuteness Scale

The cutest animal in the world is red panda, there is no discussion about that. Some other animals and things may come close but never quite reach the level. We can take the cuteness of one red panda as a basis reference for the standard scale of cuteness.

Then, we can compare other things and animals to the red panda and give them scores relative to the cuteness of the red panda. Let’s say we take a scale from zero to one and we say that zero is basically a neutral rating, not cute but not ugly either. At the same time, the top of the scale will be the red panda with the score of one. Anything else that is at least a bit cute will fall in between.

Red panda is the benchmark of cuteness, so it is rated at 1.0.

Your average cute minion from Despicable Me will rate at about 0.6 or so.

Cats are probably the only animals that are able to come close to red panda in terms of cuteness rating sometimes as high as 0.9 on the red panda scale.

I hereby donate the Red Panda Cuteness Scale to the public domain, free to use and abuse as you see fit, no strings attached. Now, go, go! Rate! Rate! There is not a moment to lose, the cuteness of the world is waiting! :)… -->

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