Blog moved to

I finally made the move from the platform to my own site, The move is long overdue and I hope that not having to jump around between three sites will let me concentrate on more important things. I first moved the blogs to a separate site but then I was hit with a realization that I still keep then a static site and a wordpress site and have to care for both. Now everything is in one place. To enjoy it, head over to… -->

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Back to square one

I am officially announcing that the idea to write in two places just because of the language difference was a stupid one. So we are back to the square one blog and I hope having a multilingual blog makes it all the more exciting. Who wants to bet that I will now start writing in all the other languages I know as well? どうですか?:)… -->

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Blog separation

I am wondering whether it would be best to have two blogs, one for posts in English and another – for posts in Russian. The setup seems to be simple enough, so I just try it out. If I do not like it after a while I will merge things back to where they were.

So, head over to for the posts in Russian or stay at for English.… -->

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