Alcohol is forbidden to women!

Why is it so hard to explain to women that they may not drink alcohol? They seem to not want to understand the simplest elementary things. Let me try one more time.

The blood is fully replaced in 150 days for any adult. When a man drinks, his blood is tainted but will be fully renewed without a trace in 5 months and his sperm, that completely renews in 1,5-2 months, will carry no trace of poison or damage from alcohol. Alcohol does not cause any permanent irreversible damage to the reproductive functions of men.

Women’s ovary contains a limited reserve of ova that do not refresh. The ovaries are formed at the fifth month of fetus development and will only deplete with age but not replenished. Consequently, every alcohol consumption is reflected in mutations of those reproductive cells that the woman carries permanently within her body. Alcohol causes irreversible and permanent damage to the female reproductive function.

Talking to a woman:
– Imagine you have a child, about one year old or so, will you give him whiskey? Or, perhaps, some beer?
– Are you nuts? Of course, not! How could you think I would give alcohol to a child!
– All right, let’s say he is younger, about three months old now, you are breast feeding. If you drink, the child gets alcohol with your milk…
– I am not going to drink while breast feeding!
– Imagine you are pregnant, the child would get alcohol from your blood, would you also not drink?
– I would not! You never drink while pregnant! I want a healthy child.
– Well, so you are not pregnant yet but all of your children are inside you now. You will poison all of them at once every time you drink.
– Huh?

So, does this mean that poisoning one child with alcohol is unacceptable but poisoning all of your children at once – quite okay? Women, you are simply not supposed to drink alcohol! Not at all. Please, stop poisoning your children now.… -->

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SS soldier for children in Riga

Riga, the capital of Latvia, has got a new piece of contemporary “art”. There is now a children’s slide in the form of a soldier of the Waffen-SS Grenadier Division in the heart of the Old Town.

The element of the playground near St. Peter’s Cathedral is made of wood and painted pink. Despite the fact that there is no distinctive sculpture the characteristic military shapes of the helmet and weapon identify the figure quite well as an SS soldier holding an assault rifle Stg.44 or MR-44.

During World War II, Latvia has formed two Grenadier Divisions of SS. One of them, 15 Waffen-division (1st Latvian), fought in 1943 in the northern sector of the Eastern Front and in the spring of 1945 receded in Germany. Another one, 19 Waffen-division (2nd Latvian), took part in the fighting in the Pskov region and existed from 1944 to 1945.… -->

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