Sticky mind… has to go!

I realized finally after all these years the simple truth of the mind stickiness. My mind sticks and clings to everything – projects, transactions with people, relations, objects, ideas etc. It is horrible. It is also described over a zillion times in psychological and popular literature. It is equally well known in practically all teachings of the world. But, all of that is to no avail. I had to really feel it and see it to realize the truth of the situation. It does not help to know it in theory until you feel it in your bones, so to say. Now I suddenly did.

Our mind has a part to it that makes me chew on the gristle of the past life and spend time and energy on non-consequential thinking. This part makes me go back time and again and review, relive the situations and other things. My life mostly consists of exactly that. No. It consisted of mostly that. Now that I know, I am determined to stop this insane nonsense.

Here is my new quest. I have to stop this part of my conscience from wasting my time an energy on useless chewing of the past. My guess is that as a consequence I will also stop clinging to other things, material or not.