Software design – separation of concern

Still, the separation of concern is as actual as it always was. Consider this website design thing. You still have to separate the concerns between the user management and the website content management. These are totally different concerns. And they have different priorities too.

When you manage the content in your application you basically do not care about users at all. You care only to know whether the requester has the right to see (or modify, whatever) this particular content. So you need some kind of identifier as an input to the authorization management, which is another concern. You really do not need any details of the user that is usually kept by the user management.

While you are in the user management, creation, registration, modification, verification etc. require full knowledge of the user details. So you need to have different data on users here.

What happens is that you really need to have two different concepts of users: one for your user management subsystem and one for your website content management subsystem. And those have little in common. Plus, the website content management requires such user information (besides being useful) that can be quickly retrieved and add minimal overhead. On top of that, user information in both must be kept in sync.

Finally, one comes to realize that the database views are invented precisely for this particular problem. So we can have the same user data underneath but present two different views of that same data to the two subsystems of our web application.… -->

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