Nokia. End of story.

Nokia is gone for good. Microsoft has got what it wanted so badly for so many years. Could you imagine in your wildest dreams five years ago that Microsoft would buy Nokia, the undisputed market leader? I don’t like Microsoft but I have to admit they take their long-term business planning seriously, as opposed to so many other companies. Unfortunately, them being good means we are out of mobile phone manufacturing companies. And even though Microsoft got it now, I seriously doubt they will be able to run it properly to deliver the same brilliant products Nokia had.

But Nokia? How could you be so stupid not to see what’s coming? It was so painfully obvious. Although, come to think of it, nobody except the Nokia mobile phone customers was interested. The management got paid large sums of money to go along with the plan. The shareholders that matter probably know what they are doing in terms of their own win. So, who cares? Some people got reach on it and why would it matter that there will be no next brilliant Nokia E52 for the rest of us? We get what we deserve – a world where it does not matter anymore how good or bad the products are, how good or bad people feel about something initially. Everything can be manipulated, sold and bought, even the unthinkable happens if you have money to pay for it. Technical brilliance and the quality of the thing that does something perfectly do not matter anymore.

And just come to think of it, they paid such peanuts, 5 billion, for Nokia! That’s like getting it for free, basically. Can you imagine? Market leader is sold for 5 billion? That’s nuts! This is simply criminal and if I had shares of Nokia I would definitely sue. Making a market leader lose between 5% and 10% of the market a year – that is an attention grabbing achievement. Again, I would certainly prefer if a court looked into it very, very carefully. And if I was the government of Finland, this purchase would not go through, ever. Even in the face of threats of military strikes in the name of democracy.

Damn, after all these years, where am I going to get my next mobile phone?


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A word about RIM and BlackBerry

In an excellent article about RIM and its BlackBerry Messenger, Andrew Orlowski slashes at the current “bleakly uniform design of today’s smartphone slabs” and rightly so. The good old manufacturers like RIM, Sony, and Nokia had a lot to go for their names and devices. The interfaces, the convenience, the engagement they created were priceless. Hope they come back…… -->

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