Japan re-elections: fight back! Vote for DPJ!

So Abe has called for early re-elections of the parliament of Japan. Obviously, he is counting on getting the positions of his LDP party (自由民主党) confirmed and therefore receive a mandate to destroy Japan’s economy further.

He would not have called for a re-election if he was not sure his party, the LDP, would win the elections. So the chances of opposing him are slim.

Nevertheless, people of Japan, please, please, please, go all out and vote for some other party! Don’t sit and wait, don’t think that it will all be all right, don’t say that it all makes no difference. You can make a difference. Get out and vote against LDP (自民党). What’s the democracy for? If you don’t know what to vote for, vote for DPJ (民主党), they are the opposition, they are more likely to reverse the atrocities of the current ruling regime.

I wrote enough about the outrageous ways the Abe’s government is playing along with the large banks and corporations to destroy the economy of the only developed and stable country in the world. It pains me to see the great achievements of Japan flushed down the drain.

Fight back! Don’t let your country be governed by greedy politicians!… -->

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