What is a country famous for? No big surprises there, apparently…

The most important export product of each country of the world were assessed by experts of the popular science magazine Mental Floss using autocomplete results of the major search engine Google. These results were then illustrated by the artists of the Federal News Agency (FAN).

It turned out that the first suggestion to the word “Germany” is BMW, the word “Britain” – permanent residence, in France people are looking up croissants, Sweden and Norway – study options, in Algeria – gas, in Egypt – camels, etc. In general, experts say the popular search queries meet the expectations of users and no one thought to challenge the suggestions… except Ukraine. The fact that the word “Ukraine” causes a prompt for prostitutes has caused anger and indignation of the Ukrainian “patriots”, who are now busy accusing Google and the American Journal of Mental Floss of “pro-Kremlin propaganda” and “separatism” in social networks and even the media.… -->

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Google quality

Am I the only one who noticed that the quality of service at Google suddenly took a nosedive? I mean, it still works, sort of, most of the time, but it is not quite the same.

Google used to be very snappy and the interface was very crisp. All elements worked flawlessly and the response was immediate. Now it is all starting to fray at the fringes. It is not so snappy, the code is not that crisp, it fails more often than not and you spend entirely too much time waiting.

I say they are probably loosing good engineers and replace them with cheap ones, like everyone else. It shows.… -->

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