A sense of urgency

I have a feeling today that there is something crucial in the sense of urgency. I can feel comfortable and cozy, this feeling being opposite to the sense of urgency. When I feel comfortable, I am stuck in that feeling, I want to keep it and I become inert and unwilling to change anything. A sense of urgency can be entertained in an opposite manner – by withdrawing yourself from the lure of comfort. The sense of urgency is important somehow, it makes me move, it makes me think, it makes me do things that I expect to be beneficial in the long run. It imparts on me this contradiction of now and after. The understanding, the logical thinking of the consequences in the future does not help to start moving, does not help to get you out of your cozy “now” and does not implant a firm boot in your behind. But the sense of urgency, once obtained, does exactly that. It helps to get things moving and without any outright struggle. The struggle is to get the sense of urgency and to keep it.

6 thoughts on “A sense of urgency

  1. No, this is a sense of urgency, not of necessity. A sense of necessity does not make you move. Well, it does, some times. And other times it does not. You may be procrastinating while thinking about all the things you must do and feeling that it’s really necessary to stop sitting there but still remain. A sense of urgency drives you like an avalanche, you can hardly resist it.

  2. Why “mindless running around”? I am talking about a useful feeling deep inside that makes you move, move, move. But you are an intelligent human being, why don’t you select the direction, in which you move, move, move?

  3. …which, in addition to urgency, implies a clear sense of purpose, correct? Urgency alone doesn’t exactly cut it, does it?

  4. I think it is rather pointless to try to compare the sense of urgency to everything else in the world. I am not really thinking about any of those things you point out. I am pointing out that having a sense of urgency is quite beneficial when compared to simply thinking about something. It makes you not only think but also act, and it’s really good at that.

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