Kindergarten: silence!!!

I just heard on the radio this wonderful bit of news. Some spokeswoman for one organisation or another, and I did not quite catch the name either, was going on about the music rights and suchlike. I usually do not listen to these things, so I missed the organisation name and the person name but then I got awoken with a start. You know what she is lobbying for? Apparently, kindergartens use music and radio! What a surprise! And the kids in the kindergarten groups listen to those broadcasts or CDs, even dance and sing with them. And that constitutes public broadcasting on the part of the kindergartens! The kindergartens must pay the extra protection money broadcast rights for the use of that music, can you imagine? Well, if this isn’t nuts, I don’t know what is. The fuck-brained morons executives of the music companies apparently think that this is a fair deal. Well, I don’t. And I hope neither do you.