Jacek Lipski – a LinkedIn spammer

I am usually not one to indulge in public bashing of people even when they obviously misbehave but this time I am somewhat annoyed. This guy, Jacek Lipski, indulges in spamming the LinkedIn members in a very irritating manner and tops it off with a ‘fuck you’ attitude. So he deserves a mention for the annals of history.

So, here is the story. LinkedIn is a rather well behaved community. It is mostly for talking about work and business related things, at least that’s the perception, kept up by the service. Therefore you do not expect someone to send you a “friend invite” in order to peddle his wares. Well, not Jacek Lipski.

You see, Jacek Lipski has some kind of a company that he wants to sell but there are no buyers, understandably. So what does the guy do? He sends you an invite on LinkedIn. You think, “well, all right, he maybe wants to talk about my interests in security or just follow what I do” and you accept. And here you get hit with an offer to buy his stupid company.

I complained right back saying that this was not a good behavior, in my opinion. The answer I got back is as close to “fuck off” as one can get:

I am not interested in your private feelings.

Let me explain by analogy. You have an old rusty Chevy from your grandfather that noone in his right mind would even look at. So you come to people in the street and beg them to buy it. They rightly tell you off. And what do you do in return? You tell them to fuck off, of course! That’s same here, only Jacek Lipski is apparently not afraid to get punched in the face.

Well, tell you what. Maybe one day one of his victims will come across him in real life…