Intel joins the ranks of discrimination against white males

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, speaking at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 6, announced that Intel would like to become more “diverse”. What he means by that is that Intel wants to be less male and less white. Intel wants to be more black and female.

So, look around you. All of what you see, the whole of civilization, was created mostly by white males. Invented, designed, produced by hard work and sweat of white males. And now you see that as a reason to discriminate against the white and male? Why?

Why is it suddenly that it became okay to discriminate against the whites? Why is it suddenly okay to discriminate against males? And not only quietly discriminate but announce the discrimination from the highest tribunes in the world? Why is this not a scandal? Why Brian Krzanich is not in jail yet for discrimination?

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