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AfterStep applets list

This is the list of applets available in the AfterStep applets distribution at this site.

ASFilesAfterStep File Manager
A hack of the OffiX Files to make it look like the NeXT file manager.
Maintainer: Jonathan B. Leffert <leffert_at_cs.uchicago.edu>
Version: 1.0
Platforms: Any
TasksWindow list
A swallowable applet displays icons of the windows that are managed by AfterStep. It allows you to manipulate the windows by clicking on the icons.
Maintainer: Eric Raijmakers <epra_at_oce.nl>
Version: 0.2
asDrinksNews headlines in the start menu.
asDrinks downloads news headlines from sites such as Slashdot, Freshmeat, and others, and the daily User Friendly comic, and places them in your start menu.
Maintainer: Charlie Schmidt <ishamael_at_themes.org> (http://www.diablonet.net/~ishamael/)
Version: 2.0
Platforms: Probably anything with perl and AfterStep.
asampAfterStep applet version of x11amp (MP3 player)
A swallowable applet allows to load a MP3 file and play it throught the computer's sound system.
Maintainer: difficult to say, check the docs <none> (http://www.tigr.net/afterstep/)
Version: 0.1
Platforms: Linux, (possibly all other UNIXes)
asapmPower Management (ACPI / APM) monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the ACPI / APM status on laptops (battery/AC status, time left). It can execute commands on a variety of PM events.
Maintainer: Albert Dorofeev <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/)
Version: 3.1
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
asbuttonApplication launching tool
A swallowable applet presents a number of little buttons inside a Wharf icon and each of those starts an application when clicked.
Maintainer: Ryan <ryanlath_at_pacbell.net> (http://home.pacbell.net/ryanlath/asbutton.html)
Version: 0.3
ascdAudio CD player
A swallowable applet allows to control the CD-ROM and provides the familiar controls like a regular CD player. In effect, this is an advanced CD player with a fully customizable interface and support for themes.
Maintainer: Denis Bourez <denis_at_rsn.fdn.fr> (http://worldserver.oleane.com/rsn/ascd-en.html)
Version: 0.13.2
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX
ascdcAudio CD changer control
A swallowable applet allows to control a CD changer
Maintainer: Rob Malda <malda_at_cs.hope.edu> (http://slashdot.org/malda/)
Version: 0.3
Platforms: Linux
asclockAfterStep digital clock
A swallowable applet shows clock and calendar. Supports themes for different looks.
Maintainer: Beat Christen <spiff_at_longstreet.ch> (http://www.asclock.org/)
Version: 2.0.12
ascpAfterStep Control Panel
An application that allows you to configure AfterStep using menus and buttons.
Maintainer: Nwanua Elumeze <nwanua_at_colorado.edu> (http://hubble.colorado.edu/~nwanua/htmldir/ascp.html)
Version: 1.0.3
ascpuCPU load monitor
A swallowable applet shows the CPU load (current and average). Supports the SMP systems (currently on Linux only).
Maintainer: Albert Dorofeev <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/)
Version: 1.11
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, HP-UX, AIX
asdmxdm replacement
An application that presents a login screen in X windows. AfterStep replacement for xdm.
Maintainer: Guylhem Aznar <guylhem_at_oeil.qc.ca>
Version: 1.0
asexecState machine executor

A swallowable applet reads a description of a state machine and executes the transitions between the states when an event occurs. Since it is "just" a state machine it can be anything you want. Examples of use include but are not limited to:

  • it can update your xmodmap (switching languages)
  • you can create an animation here
  • It can turn your X-10 gadgets on/off
  • Xawtv comes with xawtv-remote. You can increase the volume, change the channel either using X10 remote control or using asexec.

Maintainer: Ethan Fischer <allanon_at_crystaltokyo.com> (http://members.xoom.com/allanon1/)
Version: 1.3

asfacesA mail monitor
A swallowable applet monitors your mailbox and notifies arrival of mail.
Maintainer: David Muse <dmuse_at_engr.latech.edu>
Version: 1.0pre3
asfatmAfterStep fan and temperature monitor.
A swallowable applet monitors your computer's temperature and reports the fan rotation speeds.
Maintainer: Tim Turner <turnet1_at_mail.mankato.msus.edu> (http://krypton.mankato.msus.edu/~turnet1/)
Version: 0.80b
asfsmFile system monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the file system space. There is more to it than just a simple bar though.
Maintainer: David Muse <dmuse_at_engr.latech.edu>
Version: 1.0pre15
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, Solaris, SCO
asfsm_liteFile system monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the file system space.
Maintainer: Nick Bailey <nick_at_polonius.demon.co.uk>
Version: 1.0.0
Platforms: Linux
asftavmMonitor of fan rotation speed, temperature and voltage of your computer
You configure it with one file, so it looks you like. It is able to display all features of a supported chipset and it reports the alarm.
Maintainer: Martin Schaaf <asftavm_at_ma-scha.de> (http://www.ma-scha.de/)
Version: 1.0
Platforms: only tested on intel linux
askeymapXmodmap frontend
A frontend to Xmodmap lets you change keyboard layouts on the fly.
Maintainer: Kasim Terzic aka cosmo <cosmo_at_operamail.com> (http://webperso.easyconnect.fr/eherlent/)
Version: 0.3
Platforms: Linux
asloadCPU load monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the CPU load.
Maintainer: Sasha Vasko <Sasha_Vasko_at_osca.state.mo.us> (http://aterm.sourceforge.net)
Version: 0.9.4
Platforms: Linux
asmailMail checker
A swallowable applet monitors your mailbox and uses animations and sounds to signal when new mail arrives. Cool replacement for biff. It is hard to imagine a Wharf without this applet.
Maintainer: Albert Dorofeev aka Tigr <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/afterstep/)
Version: 2.1
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD
asmemMemory utilization monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the utilization level of memory, cache and swap space.
Maintainer: Albert Dorofeev <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/afterstep/)
Version: 1.12
Platforms: Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Hurd
asmixSound volume knob
A swallowable applet for changing the sound volume of your music (well, not only music). Looks and behaves like a volume knob.
Maintainer: Tigr <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/afterstep/)
Version: 1.5
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD
asmixerSound mixer
A swallowable applet allows to change the levels for Volume, CD, and PCM (or any other three).
Maintainer: Rob Malda <malda_at_cs.hope.edu> (http://slashdot.org/malda/)
Version: 0.5
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD
asmodemModem monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the modem.
Maintainer: Rob Malda <malda_at_cs.hope.edu> (http://slashdot.org/malda/)
Version: 0.6-1
Platforms: Linux
asmonPerformance monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the CPU usage, memory usage, swapping etc.
Maintainer: Brad (Hitchhiker) Hall <brad_at_eclipse.net> (http://rio.vg/asmon/)
Version: 0.65
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD
asmountAfterStep mounter
A swallowable applet used to mount CD's, floppys and things like that by pressing a little icon on the Wharf.
Maintainer: Erik Johnsson <zaphod_at_linux.nu> (http://hem.telitel.se/tit00164/)
Version: 1.0.0
Platforms: Linux
asmounterAfterStep mounter
A swallowable applet shows the mount points, the space available on disks, and allows to mount the disks with a click.
Maintainer: David Taylor <n9506769_at_scholar.nepean.uws.edu.au>
Version: 0.3
Platforms: Linux, Digital UNIX
aspbmPhone bill monitor
A swallowable applet monitors the ppp connection and gives you some information and statistics.
Maintainer: Pedro Moleiro <moleiro_at_ip.pt> (http://www.ip.pt/~ip241956/aspbm/aspbm.html)
Version: 1.1
Platforms: Linux
aspostitPost-it notes
A swallowable applet allows you to create notes in post-it like style. The notes are saved in your home directory and are automatically loaded on the next startup.
Maintainer: Guylhem Aznar <guylhem_at_oeil.qc.ca>
Version: 1.3
Platforms: Any
aspppPPP session monitor
A swallowable applet manages your ppp session graphically.
Maintainer: Brad Hughes <bhughes_at_arn.net>
Version: 0.1.3
Platforms: Linux
astimeAn analog clock
An analog clock shows the time, the date and the day of the week. Highly customizable to satisfy the needs of almost any user.
Maintainer: Albert Dorofeev <albert_at_tigr.net> (http://www.tigr.net/afterstep/)
Version: 2.8
Platforms: Any
astrashThe trash can
A swallowable applet that allows to have a drag-and-drop delete of files using the OffiX Dnd protocol. Supports undelete, a number of options for purging the deleted files. A command-line utility is supplied to be used instead of "rm".
Maintainer: Carsten Weinholz <weinholz_at_hni.uni-paderborn.de>
Version: 0.9
Platforms: Any
astunerFM tuner
A swallowable applet to control your AIMS RadioTrack or Reveal RadioReveal FM radio cards.
Maintainer: Keith Dart <kdart_at_techie.com> (http://www.employees.org/~kdart/)
Version: 3.1
Platforms: Linux
aswmthemeConvert Window Maker themes to AfterStep.
aswmtheme takes a valid Window Maker style file and converts it into a valid AfterStep 1.8.0 look file. Upcoming versions will read entire Window Maker themes and make AfterStep themes out of them, but the style->look is enough for this task already.
Maintainer: Charlie Schmidt <ishamael_at_themes.org> (http://diablonet.net/~ishamael)
Version: 0.1
Platforms: Anything with perl
asxmcdCD player
This is a very stripped down version of xmcd. The new widget layout sort of simulates ascd.
Maintainer: David Muse <dmuse_at_engr.latech.edu>
Version: 2.1.1
atermAfterStep X terminal
xterm replacement, based on rxvt v.2.4.8, includes such features as NeXT style scrollbar, pixmap background, resource efficient pseudo-transparency, with option of color tinting. Supports fade-out and transparent scrollbars.
Maintainer: Sasha Vasko <sashav_at_sprintmail.com> (http://aterm.sourceforge.net/)
Version: 0.3.6
miniCHESSChess applet
A game of chess in your Wharf. Supports playing with mouse and keyboard.
Maintainer: Eric Davis <ead_at_pobox.com> (http://www.pobox.com/~ead/miniCHESS/)
Version: 0.8
Platforms: FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux
randbgBackground randomizer
The script will scan your asetroot file for background definitions, then randomly assign those definitions to your desktops; voila, random backgrounds every time you start.
Maintainer: Chris Hilton <chris_at_dctank.com>
Version: 0.1
Platforms: All
salmonStill Another Load MONitor
A resource utilization monitor that can display the current load averages, the amount of free or used memory and swap space, memory in cache, buffers, and shared, number of processes, the load split between user, nice, system, and idle, the uptime, the current local time, the current universal time, the name of the local host and the phase of the moon.
Maintainer: Tricia Kirk <grania_at_mthoodcards.com> (http://www.mthoodcards.com/cgi-bin/index.py?grania)
Version: 1.2.2
Platforms: Any
xitermAfterStep X terminal
Xiterm is an 8-bit clean, colour xterm replacement that uses significantly less memory than a conventional xterm.
Maintainer: Guylhem Aznar <guylhem_at_oeil.qc.ca>
Version: 2.0
Platforms: Any

Last revision: May 22, 2010