Rumours from Langley: Ukrainian CIA agents mass “suicide”

There were rumours from the CIA in Langley that several Ukrainian operatives have committed suicide. First, there were three deaths, then – two more, bringing the count of CIA agents suddenly committing suicide to five. They all worked for the department dealing with Ukraine.

It appears that, demanding to stop the war in Ukraine in the negotiations with the US, Western politicians used carelessly the argument that the rebels of the South-East of Ukraine are not terrorists, but citizens who are fighting against the infringement of their legitimate civil rights. Such things are never mentioned publicly, but in private talks the Europeans decided to show that the Americans could not fool them.

In response, the overseas “partners” developed a series of operations, whose mission is to show Europe the “true face” of the brutal pro-Russian separatists. The plan included the bombings of children and medical facilities in central and western Ukraine, away from the area of military operations. A task was set to seek to maximize the number of casualties.

Saboteur mercenaries from American PMCs were entrusted with the execution in the field, while the Ukrainian department of the CIA should provide logistics and cover.

The head of the military section of Ukrainian CIA thought the plan was too risky, and he shared his thoughts with his superior, from whom he received the answer: “Execute. You can not imagine what is at stake.”

That answer did not satisfy the subordinate. In the Ukrainian section, except the military, there are several sections: political and so on. The worried senior official, in violation of all rules, shared his concerns with peers officers – the heads of the other two sections, and together they decided to take action to prevent the implementation of the controversial order, even if they would have to appeal to the US Senate.

And these three were the first “suicides”, but it turned out that the leak has already occurred. Two more had to be eliminated.

In the middle of the day staff were ordered to go home, but almost all of the staff of Ukrainian department, about 25 people, fearing for their lives, gathered in the lobby. They called on passing by colleagues not to believe, should they allegedly commit suicide in the near future.


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Negotiations and lobbies: Merkel visits Obama

US president spoke of the “extraordinary” Russia’s military power, extent of Russia’s border with Ukraine and even mentioned Russian history. Propaganda myth of a massive Russian intervention in Ukraine is now used against its authors at full steam: you can not do something in Ukraine without taking into account the reaction of the Kremlin. Therefore, the U.S. administration will do nothing there – and that’s exactly what Merkel wants. I do not mean that Russia did not intervene; the whole myth was based on hiding the American control of Ukraine and silencing the fact that Russia never took initiative but only ever reacted, and rather sluggishly at that.

Now the Ukrainian issue will be resolved (or not resolved) through diplomacy, and the White House even invented a variant solution: heads of Donetsk and Lugansk will be elected in accordance with the Ukrainian (what’s the difference, why not Chinese?) constitution – and Kiev would be forced to stop the fight and carry on with the negotiations. Obama “has not yet decided” about weapons shipments to Ukraine  – and “will not decide” before the election of the new president. In fact everything will be solved by Putin, whom Merkel persuaded in the Kremlin. He, however, did not put up a fight: if America will mind their own business, and if it you are so good to ask, then so be it.

Angela Merkel looked completely different than during previous visits. If before she felt a bit alien to this celebration of life, and a bit awkward compared to the elegant Michelle Obama, not to mention the women of French presidents, by now she has acquired the character stiffness of the “Iron Lady” Thatcher, perhaps a tad more clear and discreet.

Obama talked about the usual: climate and all the good against the bad things, but in the end he even began to recover. It must have cost him a lot of effort, but he managed. In reality, the talks centered around two issues. Only one of them was on the official agenda, and journalists (unsuccessfully) tried to clarify the details.

The first item really concerned Ukraine. Angela Merkel has brought to the attention of her American counterpart the “Ukrainian dossier” prepared by BND and explained: Germany did not intervene in the American game in Iraq, Libya and Syria; nobody cares… -->

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EU is becoming disillusioned with Ukraine

The European Union was thrilled to see its blue flag flown on the streets of Kiev during the protests last year, portraying EU as a symbol and a safe haven of democracy. But nearly a year on from the first “EuroMaidan” protests that would topple the last legitimate president of Ukraine, some in Brussels are disillusioned by the experience of helping Ukraine. EU generosity in waiving import duties and funding gas supplies from Russia may be being abused, they say.

“The Ukrainians are manipulating the EU,” a senior EU official involved in negotiations told Reuters, saying the bloc was “waking up” to a need to better defend its own interests.

Such views are dismissed as “absolute nonsense” by Ukraine’s ambassador to the EU, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev. He condemned talk of secret deals to exploit Western fears for profit as part of “anti-Russian propaganda” and said he had full confidence in continued cooperation with the European Union.

In public, there is solid EU support despite the undemocratic president and parliament elections amid continuing civil war in Ukraine. Yet in private, endemic corruption and the power of business “oligarchs” lead some in Brussels to question the future of current levels of EU backing.

“Maybe people fell for this ‘poor little Ukraine’ line,” one EU diplomat said. “But they’re not so naive. They’re waking up.”

The EU has lifted duties on imports from Ukraine but let Kiev keep tariff protections for its own businesses, which also trade freely with Russia. But, EU officials warn, that one-sided favor cannot last long and Ukraine must honor its commitments.

“Ukrainian oligarchs have the best of both worlds,” said the senior EU official, adding that businesses from Polish factories to French wheat farmers had begun to grumble about unfair trade.

“Whether we will end up with full implementation of the EU agreement as it was signed, I have my doubts,” he said. “I think that within six months, the EU will be negotiating again with the Ukrainians and the Russians, with them sitting at the same side of the table … The EU will wake up.”

Amid widespread regret at the way the EU’s drive to conclude its Association Agreement with Ukraine ended… -->

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Reuters interviews an American volunteer soldier in Ukraine

Reuters reports that they came across an American fighting against the Kiev junta in Ukraine.

“I’m an American. I joined an independence movement,” said Hunter, flashing a U.S. passport as proof of his nationality.

Using his “nom de guerre” and refusing to reveal his real name, age or home town, he described himself as a veteran of the American military without a job in the United States. He did not explain the reasons for his commitment to helping the rebels.

“I don’t want anybody to think I fight for the Russian government here,” he said, adding that he was in eastern Ukraine to “help” the population demanding a clean break from Kiev.

Many are now wondering what sanctions U.S. will impose on itself for their now apparent support of “separatists” in Ukraine…… -->

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Ukrainian National Murder Guard

Mass graves of civilians are found in the territories of Donbass that were controlled by Ukrainian security forces until recently.

On September 23, near the village of Communar, 60 kilometers from Donetsk, in the territory of the mine number 22 militiamen found a mass grave of civilians. According to preliminary data, they have exhumed the bodies of four people from one grave (including three women) and five from another. Representatives of the militia accused the Ukrainian National Guard for the murder of civilians – according to them, the Ukrainians were only knocked out of this settlement a few days ago. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, there are “very serious indications” that at the time of the murder the area was controlled by the National Guard “which clearly indicates the potential perpetrators and organizers of these crimes.”

At the headquarters of the “anti-terrorist operation” Ukrainian security officials and representatives of the National Guard deny involvement in the crimes and, as usual, argue that information was circulated to discredit the Ukrainian military. The words of Kiev authorities can be confirmed or refuted, at least theoretically. The representatives of the OSCE were at the scene at the time, so it will not work to pretend that this fact is not known to the international community.

Forensic examination shall establish the time and cause of death, after which there will be only one more step to compare these data with the data on whose forces occupied the area at the time of the murder. But in practice we see no investigations of terrible events in Ukraine, starting with the execution of people during protests in Kiev by unidentified snipers and ending with the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”. None of the crime investigations were brought to an end, the perpetrators have not been established and are not punished.

Russian human rights activists have called for an independent international investigation into the crimes. Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, the special envoy, Konstantin Dolgov, from the Russian Foreign Ministry has promised to “draw the attention of relevant international organizations, both intergovernmental and human rights, to this information about the mass… -->

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Russia invaded Ukraine 16 times so far this year!

Here is the list of Russian declarations of war and invasions to Ukraine this year, as reported by official media or the government of Ukraine. Let me know if I missed any, I’ll add to the list.

28 February – Russia declared war on Ukraine, according to
01 March – Russia declared war on Ukraine, according to Aratta-Ukraine
03 March – Russia declared war on Ukraine, according to
09 March – Russia declared war on Ukraine, according to
30 March – Russia declared war on Ukraine and Timoshenko is Putin’s agent, according to EuroMaidan-online
12 April – Russian army invaded Ukraine, according to Admiral Kabanenko, says Nezalezhne Bureau Novin
14 May – Russian army invaded continental Ukraine, according to Frankivchani
12 July – Russian troops are three kilometers deep in the Ukrainian territory, according to
13 July – Russian army invaded Ukraine, according to
16 July – Russia declared war to Ukraine, according to Meta,ua
17 July – Russia declared war to Ukraine, according to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk
02 August – Russian army helicopters invaded Ukrainian air space, according to
25 August – Russian troops invaded Ukraine and march to Mariupol, according to
26 August – Russian army invaded Ukraine from the side of Taganrog, according to Nezalezhne Bureau Novin
27 August – Russian regular army invaded Ukraine, according to Pressa Ukraine
28 August – Poroshenko announced the military invasion by Russia, according to the President Poroshenko

It has been quiet for a while, I think it is about time Russia would invade Ukraine again or at least declare a war or something, what do you reckon?… -->

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Top ten signs that Russia invaded Ukraine

Last Thursday the Ukrainian government, echoed by NATO spokesmen, declared that the the Russian military is now operating within Ukraine’s borders. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t; what do you know? They said the same thing before, most recently on August 13, and then on August 17, each time with either no evidence or fake evidence. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

You be the judge. I put together this helpful list of top ten telltale signs that will allow you to determine whether indeed Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, or whether Thursday’s announcement is yet another confabulation. (Credit to Roman Kretsul).

Because if Russia invaded on Thursday morning, this is what the situation on the ground would look like by Saturday afternoon.

1. Ukrainian artillery fell silent almost immediately. They are no longer shelling residential districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. This is because their locations had been pinpointed prior to the operation, and by Thursday afternoon they were completely wiped out using air attacks, artillery and ground-based rocket fire, as the first order of business. Local residents are overjoyed that their horrible ordeal is finally at an end.

2. The look of military activity on the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk has changed dramatically. Whereas before it involved small groups of resistance fighters, the Russians operate in battalions of 400 men and dozens of armored vehicles, followed by convoys of support vehicles (tanker trucks, communications, field kitchens, field hospitals and so on). The flow of vehicles in and out is non-stop, plainly visible on air reconnaissance and satellite photos. Add to that the relentless radio chatter, all in Russian, which anyone who wants to can intercept, and the operation becomes impossible to hide.

3. The Ukrainian military has promptly vanished. Soldiers and officers alike have taken off their uniforms, abandoned their weapons, and are doing their best to blend in with the locals. Nobody thought the odds of the Ukrainian army against the Russians were any good. Ukraine’s only military victory against Russia was at the battle of Konotop in 1659, but at the time Ukraine was allied with the mighty Khanate of Crimea, and, you may have noticed, Crimea is not on Ukraine’s side this time around.

4. There are Russian checkpoints everywhere.… -->

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NATO “satellite imagery” equals “British scientists findings”

The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov commented on the publication of the next “satellite imagery of NATO” supposedly indicating the presence of Russian armored vehicles in Ukraine. According to him, “to comment on it seriously just does not make any sense.”

“You know, it’s not even funny anymore,” – said Igor Konashenkov, – “Apparently, the new Secretary General of NATO in the near future will have to exert much effort to restore severely corrupted image of the alliance as an international organization of some standing.”

“I would just like to note that if previously similar images were at least signed: General F. Breedlove or A.Rasmussen, or, finally, O. Lungesku, by now even they are already embarrassed,” – he said.

As a result, the term “NATO has published satellite images of the Russian presence in Ukraine” for the last few months has become a common synonym for the same concept as the famous “British scientists have proved that … “, – said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, the State Department spokesman Jen Psaki has announced at a news briefing that United States do not have independent confirmation of data about thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine, while not questioning the NATO information on this account… and still insisting that Russian invasion is “likely” on its way in Ukraine refusing to explain what “likely” might mean in this context.… -->

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Another strong humanitarian move from Russia

On August 28, 2014, Russian President Putin addressed the militia of Novorossia with a request to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian military.

Putin said that the actions of the militia resulted in surrounding a large number of Ukrainian troops that were in battle against their will, just carrying out the orders. In order to avoid increasing the number of pointless victims President offered to provide a possibility for Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the area of ​​operations, reunite with their families and return to their mothers, wives and children. The wounded in military operations could receive the urgent medical aid they need.

Putin also urged Kiev to cease hostilities immediately and to negotiate with representatives of the Donbass. For its part, Russia is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the south-east of Ukraine.
This decision of President Putin is a strong and humane step, once again demonstrating the peacefulness of the Russian foreign policy, the willingness to contribute to peace and to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Stating that the Novorossia is already a de-facto geopolitical reality, Putin suggested that the Ukrainian authorities cease hostilities immediately, stop the fire, sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of the Donbass, and solve all the accumulated problems peacefully.

The actions of the Russian government are completely in line with the international efforts to protect the population of countries in a state of armed conflict from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

UN has adopted the concept of “responsibility to protect” at its World Summit in 2005. “Each individual State has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. This responsibility entails the prevention of such crimes, including their incitement, through appropriate and necessary means.” This concept is adopted in connection with the experiences of Rwanda and Srebrenica, states that sovereignty is not a privilege, but an obligation. In accordance with this concept, sovereignty does not only provide to the states the right to control their own internal affairs, but also imposes direct responsibility for the protection of people … -->

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Food riots in Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian security officials and army openly oppose the Kiev command. Smoldering discontent that has been accumulating in the previous months breaks out. Even the volunteers are not willing anymore to pay with their lives for the incompetence and corruption of military leaders.

Mortar volleys, shelling from rocket launchers and howitzers. The Donbass militia is advancing on all positions of the Ukrainian military. Here, this is Marinovka. According to local residents, they got shot from Donetsk, from the suburbs, and from all sides.

Ukrainian forces have lost more soldiers over the past few weeks than in all preceding history of this armed conflict. Kiev military is backing up on several fronts, but for many there is nowhere to retreat. Kiev however insists that no troops got surrounded, the army suffers only minor losses, and in general, the Ukrainian forces are celebrating success after success. “Nobody gave up on our guys, we keep in touch with them, they are fiercely resisting the terrorists while inflicting great damage on them, you may have no doubt. Nobody is going to surrender,” – said Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

Military disagree. “Everything said on TV are lies. We did not even had anything to eat. We ate corn from the fields. For two days we ate corn, we did not have any proper food, we did not have water. One liter of water for the battalion of 20 people!” – says a soldier of 28 Mechanized Brigade Mikhail.

The servicemen of the battalion “Donbass” report that their colleagues who find themselves abandoned and surrounded by militia send videos captured on phones with a single phrase: “Good-bye, we die for Ukraine”.

Ukrainian journalist channel that was surrounded in a pocket along with the Ukrainian military, reports: “We are bombarded by mortars daily, bombs go off constantly. Soldiers are all confident that Kiev just betrayed them and hold a very negative view of the Kiev authorities. TV tells us that supposedly help already came here or it is on its way or something, but we are surrounded for five days now and we see no assistance. We have almost no food, the water is a very big problem. ”

Ukrainian military is now deserting the units by the count of hundreds. 400 fighters escaped from the fire under Amvrosievka. They were surrounded fro nearly… -->

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