War in Ukraine: vehicle mobilization

Ukrainian citizens suffering from the next wave of mobilization, faced a new disaster. Now, apart from the people the government began to mobilize vehicles.

In the first place the authorities are interested in the property of the owners of SUVs, pickups and minivans. Car mobilization has just begun, and there are already dozens of victims only in Kiev. In addition to private owners, the car and truck fleets and legal entities are also “mobilized.” However, what the junta is trying to take away from people are not those little old Lada’s, but mostly high-class respectable vehicles. In this regard, the lawyer Maxim Kopeychikov of the law firm “Ilyashev and Partners” told of one such case: “One of our clients owns a small firm, one of the military offices of Kiev wanted to take his vehicle Mercedes-Benz Viano for the needs of the Army. We won’t discuss now why such a luxury car is wanted for the military, we can only guess it is likely for some general. Our client wanted us to be present at the transfer of the car, and for a good reason. The military made wrong deeds of conveyance initially, and did not want to assess the vehicle. Our client even threatened that he would drive the car to service for repair and remove the engine. Eventually everything was settled within the framework of the legislation. We already know several such similar cases of the mobilization of vehicles.”

The Ukrainian automotive forums widely report that the army “call” the most expensive cars, which raises a lot of questions to the authorities. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the draft boards have full information about what cars are available in their area. Also, the military actively collects from the owners various trucks. It should be noted that the mobilization of the vehicles demonstrates the grave reality of the war situation and a deep crisis of the Ukrainian armed forces.… -->

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