Ukrainian soldiers sent to mental hospital for criticising war

In Ukraine, the soldiers returning from combat are placed in mental hospitals for criticizing the government’s punitive military operation against the East, reports LifeNews. Commanders hope that the stories of the events in the Donbass will be taken as delirium dreams from former mental patients.

Soldiers are increasingly critical of punitive methods that are used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine against the population of the south-east of the country. Mobilized and sent to fight against their own people, Ukrainians make claims and argue with the commanders and talk about the horrors of war to the reporters. The army came up with the idea to turn them into crazy.

This was told by the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, who took part in the military operation and were taken prisoner by the militias. According to them, the Ukrainian military relies on the fact that nobody would believe a person with a diagnose that he was “sick in the head”.

“I would not call it rumors anymore. A lot of people talk about this, especially from the 95th Airmobile Brigade from Zhitomir. They tell stories of those who have seen what is going on here, began to resent … those people are forcibly put in the hospital and make sick,” – say soldiers.

The militia captured a group of soldiers of the Ukrainian army near the town of Anthracite in the east of Donetsk on 11 August. Defenders of Donbass promise to treat all surrendered soldiers humanely and help them return home. Prisoners themselves say that they do not want this fight against their own people.

“We were told that there are Russian. I did not see any. I have seen people who live on their land and are defending it. We were simply told to go fight,” – said one of the prisoners. According to him, all the Ukrainians do not need to listen to power in Kiev, and should return to their homes.… -->

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Ukrainian soldiers shot a colleague from National Guard

Murdered soldier of the battalion “Donbass” (first left)

Soldiers of the 93rd Brigade of the Ukrainian army shot and killed a soldier of battalion “Donbass” of Ukrainian National Guard. The incident is reported on the Facebook page of Alex Herman, the slain soldier’s colleague. Information about the death of a soldier confirmed by the commander of “Donbass” Semen Sementchenko.

According to the information from Alexis Herman, the soldier called “Student” (called only by his callsign, name is not made public) stood up for some civilians and “tried to prevent a drunken rage between the soldiers”, and so those soldiers shot him. At the same the fighter from “Donbass” argues that the commandment is trying to hide the story from parents of the deceased.

Later this information was confirmed by the commander of “Donbass” Semen Sementchenko. According to him, some of the soldiers who staged this riot were detained while some others are on the run. Command of the unit where they served refused to assist in the investigation, Sementchenko claims. Military prosecutors have launched an investigation into the murder. The commander noted that such cases undermine the people’s faith in the army.

“Last night my younger comrade has died. He could die ten times in battle, but instead he was killed by drunken soldiers from another military unit. We can not let this happen again. Unfortunately, it will happen again,” – said Sementchenko. He added that “he is not prepared to tell the mother of the deceased that his son died at the hands of his drunken moron comrades from a neighboring unit.”… -->

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