Ukrainan Safari: cheap and cheerful!

Ukrainian millionaire Mikola Berezovyi was killed in a fight with militia during his “safari” to Eastern Ukraine on August 10.

Ukrainian army kills civilians in the south-east of the country, firing artillery on the cities and towns. So the military works to ensure that the survivors flee their homes and leave the country, confidently states the militia commander of Lugansk People’s Republic Alexander Mozgovoy.

“There were even occasions when tourists in “hot spots” were given the possibility to shoot from the army’s tank or cannon for money. That is, people come to the war zone like if on safari … That is how the Ukrainian military earn money from someone else shooting at the cities for them,” – said Alexander Mozgovoy.

Some of the volunteers of the punitive forces do not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot from a tank, volunteers pay two hundred dollars, out of a howitzer – one hundred dollars. But to shoot an inhabited village, the tourists are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government values ​​people very cheap and foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure treat people as animals.

The leader of the militia is sure that Kiev does not need people of Donbass, they are redundant in the area where the government is planning to mine for shale gas. In Slovyansk, recently captured by the Ukrainian Army after weeks of bombardment, there is already a shale gas fracking tower and the equipment has been delivered to one more village. So this total genocide of the people is performed for economic reasons under the guise of a military operation.… -->

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