EU is becoming disillusioned with Ukraine

The European Union was thrilled to see its blue flag flown on the streets of Kiev during the protests last year, portraying EU as a symbol and a safe haven of democracy. But nearly a year on from the first “EuroMaidan” protests that would topple the last legitimate president of Ukraine, some in Brussels are disillusioned by the experience of helping Ukraine. EU generosity in waiving import duties and funding gas supplies from Russia may be being abused, they say.

“The Ukrainians are manipulating the EU,” a senior EU official involved in negotiations told Reuters, saying the bloc was “waking up” to a need to better defend its own interests.

Such views are dismissed as “absolute nonsense” by Ukraine’s ambassador to the EU, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev. He condemned talk of secret deals to exploit Western fears for profit as part of “anti-Russian propaganda” and said he had full confidence in continued cooperation with the European Union.

In public, there is solid EU support despite the undemocratic president and parliament elections amid continuing civil war in Ukraine. Yet in private, endemic corruption and the power of business “oligarchs” lead some in Brussels to question the future of current levels of EU backing.

“Maybe people fell for this ‘poor little Ukraine’ line,” one EU diplomat said. “But they’re not so naive. They’re waking up.”

The EU has lifted duties on imports from Ukraine but let Kiev keep tariff protections for its own businesses, which also trade freely with Russia. But, EU officials warn, that one-sided favor cannot last long and Ukraine must honor its commitments.

“Ukrainian oligarchs have the best of both worlds,” said the senior EU official, adding that businesses from Polish factories to French wheat farmers had begun to grumble about unfair trade.

“Whether we will end up with full implementation of the EU agreement as it was signed, I have my doubts,” he said. “I think that within six months, the EU will be negotiating again with the Ukrainians and the Russians, with them sitting at the same side of the table … The EU will wake up.”

Amid widespread regret at the way the EU’s drive to conclude its Association Agreement with Ukraine ended… -->

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Kiev: from parade to war. Donetsk: from war to parade.

When Kiev was preparing for the military parade dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the independence of Ukraine, many analysts and observers joked that that parade will see the last available military forces of Ukraine that would have to go to war with Donbass directly after the parade. I, for one, was caught completely off balance because that is exactly what happened. It was not a joke after all.

SS-21 “Scarab” (“Tochka-U”) ballistic missile systems parading in Kiev before being sent to war in the East Ukraine.

President Poroshenko announced that right after the parade in Kiev the column of the “new, just purchased or renovated” military equipment will go to the zone of military operation in the east of the country.

The parade was attended by 49 samples of military equipment, including multiple rocket launchers “Grad“, armored personnel carriers, air defense and missile systems “Tochka-U” (SS-21 “Scarab”).

Poroshenko also said he plans to spend about 40 billion hryvnia (about $ 3 billion) for the Ukrainian army in the years 2015-2017. “This will purchase upgrades and supply the troops with planes, helicopters, warships and boats. And this is only a modest beginning,” – the president promised among fears that the economy of Ukraine would collapse within the next couple of months.

The head of the state was repeatedly urged to abandon the event in this difficult time for the country. Activists of “Evromaydan”, in particular, talked about unreasonable charges of organizing the parade at the time when the country is waging an expensive war in the east. Former adviser to former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Anna Herman called the parade “inappropriate” at the time when “many of the residents of Donbass still mourn the death of their loved ones,” and “in the Donbass region there are only ruins and mourning.”

Meanwhile, in Donetsk, another kind of parade was taking place. About a hundred people introduced over a public address system as Ukrainian prisoners of war were marched through the central Lenin Square. They looked dirty and unshaven, and bowed their heads as they passed. Some had bandaged arms and heads. They were guarded by militia fighters.

Militia lady guarding the Ukrainian… -->

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Ukrainian troops losses: over 23,000 people

Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky reports: “My friends and I got the data from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the real losses of Ukrainian troops – thanks to honest and noble officers that do not support the criminal government. Poroshenko struggles to hide the real losses from the people. Because zombie population of Ukraine would experience quite a shock on hearing the real numbers and real “victories” of the army.”

“When it comes to Ukrainian losses, pro-American puppets are either shamefully silent or lie blatantly. The real information about the situation at the front, which is fed to Poroshenko, fell into the hands of Vladimir Rogov. According to the data, as of August 15, the losses in the ranks of the punitive operation forces are: 23,498 killed and wounded, 158 taken prisoners, 8972 missing and deserted. The junta suffers colossal losses in recent days. But these terrible for mothers of Ukrainian soldiers figures remain hidden from publicity.”… -->

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Ukrainian Nazi send ultimatum to Kiev

The Ukrianian nationalists of “Right Sector” threatens to march militants to war on Kiev if President Poroshenko does not purge the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from “anti-Ukrainian elements.”

“As of today, along with the open aggression from Russia, the internal counterrevolution is intensified. Its vanguard are revanchist forces in the Interior Ministry, including at the highest levels. This bandit police group and internal separatist movement is headed by Moscow’s henchman and protege General Evdokimov. It is him and his henchmen who are doing everything possible to destroy the achievements of our Revolution, and to pave the way for separatist and terrorist groups in Kiev, “- said the ultra-right in a statement.

The “Right Sector” believe that the example of “violent anti-Ukrainian activities” of Evdokimov are “constant attempts to destroy the Ukrainian volunteer movement “Right Sector”, which was the vanguard of the Revolution and now became the basis for the war of national liberation.”

According to the organization, “from the destruction of our brother Alexander Muzychko and to recent developments in Striy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and other cities, this is a methodical game into the hands of the separatists and Moscow occupiers from the police side. Handing Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk to our enemy, changing to the enemy side in thousands, and at the same time getting a salary from the state, the police rats fight with Ukrainian combatants throughout Ukraine.”

“In this regard, we appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to immediately restore order to the Interior Ministry, dismissing odious representatives of anti-Ukrainian forces from positions in the Ministry of the Interior, and to launch an investigation of their criminal activities,” – said the statement.

“We also demand the release of all detainees, closure of all criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian fighters from the Volunteer Corps of “Right Sector” and other volunteer units and the return of all weapons and vehicles illegally seized from us by police to the war zone”, – added to the organization.

“In case of failure of our demands within 48 hours we will be … -->

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Ukraine: Poroshenko vs. Hitler

Some hot shots compare Ukraine President Poroshenko with Hitler now. This is not historically justified and is not fair to Hitler.

Hitler never bombed German cities and did not destroy the German companies even in 1945. Hitler did not force conscription on children and the elderly. Hitler did not cut wages and pensions, did not deprive its citizens of the right to work and did not cut off the heating, even in wartime.

Hitler was not a corrupt oligarch and did not make money trading military supplies. Hitler built autobahns, popular car companies, kindergartens, schools, free of charge housing. Hitler developed sports and created a powerful system of free medical care for the citizens of Germany.

Under Hitler in Germany there was no drug abuse, pedophilia and other sexual perversions. There was no unemployment, homeless and destitute. No fraud, corruption, speculation and predatory lending rates.

Hitler never said that he was a Democrat, although he was democratically elected in compliance with all the formalities prescribed by law.

Hitler was certainly a monstrous war criminal, but in relation to others, and not to his own people.

Source: Alexander Biletsky… -->

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Opinions on oligarch wars in Ukraine

Here is a couple of opinions on the political situation in Ukraine.

Da Dzi wrote: “I could talk to one fairly well-known politician from Israel. Most important thing taken out of the conversation – political circles in Israel are all sure 99.99% that the Malaysian Boeing was “ordered” by Kolomoysky. Virtually no one expresses any doubts. And they are all extremely angry because of that. They say, he “lost his borders” – to shoot down civilian planes or form punitive military battalions played out in Bandera style – Kolomoysky damages the image of Jews worldwide. Well, except for American Jews – they love such provocations.”

“The correspondent was sure that the rhetoric of the U.S. will change within the week. Obama cannot prove that the destruction of the Boeing involved Novorossia or Russia but the guilty party must be named. Nominations to the role of the guilty party are exactly two: Poroshenko and Kolomoysky. But to call Poroshenko the culprit is to kill Ukraine politically in the international arena. That would result in a strange situation that the U.S. supports a President who is a terrorist. So there is actually only a single candidate. Kolomoysky played a baron in the Ukrainian feud farce. And now it’s time for him to go.”

Mikle proposes a different scenario where U.S. will not give up Kolomoysky. They could rather push for the destruction of the ship and scapegoating Poroshenko. They could start a war within the Junta and ascertain that Poroshenko is thrown over. Then they would wait and see if there is any progress with the new “king”. And if not – they can still raise a cry of overthrowing the legitimately elected President and announce the refusal to deal with a terrorist. Which, oh horror of horrors, even knocked down an airplane.

If it succeeds, U.S. will come out all dressed in white from their support of the failed regime while Kolomoysky may continue to destroy Ukraine any way he likes – he could even get weapons, money supply and mercenaries through third countries. Classics of the genre.

So we have now two ways the situation may deteriorate in Ukraine, according to people who think. Interestingly, nobody seems to think anymore that the situation may improve at all. Also, I notice that the name of Kolomoysky is appearing more and… -->

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Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash

The news of the crash of the Malaysian “Boeing 777” split the whole world in just a few minutes based on a predetermined basis: “believe / do not believe” that the blame lies with Russia / U.S.A. / Ukraine / Donetsk. While the international investigation has not even started, most viewers and opinion leaders very quickly – after just fifteen or twenty minutes after the news related to the disaster started to arrive – already knew who were to blame.

There was yet no information that the plane mysteriously deviated from the set route, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has not announced yet that Donetsk and Luhansk militia did not possess air defense missile systems “BUK“, that Spanish flight control manager in Borispol did not yet tweet that Kiev stands behind the tragedy – but the world was already divided.

One of the hundreds of thousands of aircraft flying daily over the world, with citizens of countries on board that have no relation to Ukrainian problems fell exactly where someone needed it and exactly when someone needed it. The probability of this event happening by pure chance is so small that all of mathematical statistics, logic and common sense rein unanimously against the act. Then, we need to find out the details, and look at who actually benefited from the event to find the culprit.

According to the information available today the following facts are established:

1. Footage from the crash site shows that the relatively large surviving fragments of the aircraft (pieces of wings, vertical stabilizer, fuselage sections) contain no holes (inlets and outlets) from shrapnel-like damaging elements (balls or rollers, depending on the manufacturer) contained in the warheads of “BUK M1” system that allegedly shot down the aircraft. If a “BUK” misile was used, numerous holes would inevitably be noticeable as the warhead explodes approximately 8-12 m from the aircraft on approach.
2. Noteworthy is the absence of traces of combustion (soot) on all remaining large fragments, eliminating fire as the cause of the destruction of the aircraft.
3. Residents of the village Hrabovo that watched the crash, declare that the airplane first dramatically reduced altitude and then two (or three) “loud bang” sounds were heard, after which the aircraft disintegrated.… -->

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Ukraine’s new Constitution: no federalization, no language statutes

Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko presented his draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine. He urged deputies to support the project of the Constitution overhaul, because the authorities need something with which they can go into negotiations with the South East.

The draft does not mention federalization and official state status for the Russian language, which is required by the protesters in the Donbass region. As a bait for South East Poroshenko uses so-called “decentralization” rhetoric and the right for local councils to introduce a special status for the Russian language.

“Ukraine was, is and will be a unitary power … It’s the thought of the absolute majority of citizens … There are no discussions and there will be none on the public status of the Russian language,” – Poroshenko said, stressing that recently the number of supporters of the multi-lingual state significantly increased.

However, even such a weak document was categorically not supported by the president’s ruling coalition and sparked protests from allies of Poroshenko in parliament. “First you need to defeat the enemy, then change the Constitution. Any negotiations will lead to the defeat of Ukraine. We would only stagnate the situation in Donbass,”- protested Oleg Lyashko.

Raising the status of the Russian language even at the local level did not suit the head of “Freedom” party Oleg Tyagnibok. He also said that Poroshenko neglected to include provisions for revoking immunity of deputies, the president and judges, and there is no prohibition of communist ideology.

The party “Fatherland” voiced their grievances too. They saw that, despite promises, Poroshenko reserved a significant increase in management roles for his own “siloviki” – he single-handedly would be able to appoint the Prosecutor General, the Heads of State Security Service, National Bank, Foreign Intelligence, Anti-Monopoly Committee.

As a result, the discussion of the draft Constitution was placed on the agenda, but “Freedom” and “Fatherland” promised to prepare their alternative designs of the new Basic Law. The chances of Poroshenko’s proposal being accepted are now slight and we are likely to see a far more nationalistic proposal… -->

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