NATO “satellite imagery” equals “British scientists findings”

The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov commented on the publication of the next “satellite imagery of NATO” supposedly indicating the presence of Russian armored vehicles in Ukraine. According to him, “to comment on it seriously just does not make any sense.”

“You know, it’s not even funny anymore,” – said Igor Konashenkov, – “Apparently, the new Secretary General of NATO in the near future will have to exert much effort to restore severely corrupted image of the alliance as an international organization of some standing.”

“I would just like to note that if previously similar images were at least signed: General F. Breedlove or A.Rasmussen, or, finally, O. Lungesku, by now even they are already embarrassed,” – he said.

As a result, the term “NATO has published satellite images of the Russian presence in Ukraine” for the last few months has become a common synonym for the same concept as the famous “British scientists have proved that … “, – said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, the State Department spokesman Jen Psaki has announced at a news briefing that United States do not have independent confirmation of data about thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine, while not questioning the NATO information on this account… and still insisting that Russian invasion is “likely” on its way in Ukraine refusing to explain what “likely” might mean in this context.… -->

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