Another strong humanitarian move from Russia

On August 28, 2014, Russian President Putin addressed the militia of Novorossia with a request to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian military.

Putin said that the actions of the militia resulted in surrounding a large number of Ukrainian troops that were in battle against their will, just carrying out the orders. In order to avoid increasing the number of pointless victims President offered to provide a possibility for Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the area of ​​operations, reunite with their families and return to their mothers, wives and children. The wounded in military operations could receive the urgent medical aid they need.

Putin also urged Kiev to cease hostilities immediately and to negotiate with representatives of the Donbass. For its part, Russia is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the south-east of Ukraine.
This decision of President Putin is a strong and humane step, once again demonstrating the peacefulness of the Russian foreign policy, the willingness to contribute to peace and to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Stating that the Novorossia is already a de-facto geopolitical reality, Putin suggested that the Ukrainian authorities cease hostilities immediately, stop the fire, sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of the Donbass, and solve all the accumulated problems peacefully.

The actions of the Russian government are completely in line with the international efforts to protect the population of countries in a state of armed conflict from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

UN has adopted the concept of “responsibility to protect” at its World Summit in 2005. “Each individual State has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. This responsibility entails the prevention of such crimes, including their incitement, through appropriate and necessary means.” This concept is adopted in connection with the experiences of Rwanda and Srebrenica, states that sovereignty is not a privilege, but an obligation. In accordance with this concept, sovereignty does not only provide to the states the right to control their own internal affairs, but also imposes direct responsibility for the protection of people … -->

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Ukrainan Safari: cheap and cheerful!

Ukrainian millionaire Mikola Berezovyi was killed in a fight with militia during his “safari” to Eastern Ukraine on August 10.

Ukrainian army kills civilians in the south-east of the country, firing artillery on the cities and towns. So the military works to ensure that the survivors flee their homes and leave the country, confidently states the militia commander of Lugansk People’s Republic Alexander Mozgovoy.

“There were even occasions when tourists in “hot spots” were given the possibility to shoot from the army’s tank or cannon for money. That is, people come to the war zone like if on safari … That is how the Ukrainian military earn money from someone else shooting at the cities for them,” – said Alexander Mozgovoy.

Some of the volunteers of the punitive forces do not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot from a tank, volunteers pay two hundred dollars, out of a howitzer – one hundred dollars. But to shoot an inhabited village, the tourists are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government values ​​people very cheap and foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure treat people as animals.

The leader of the militia is sure that Kiev does not need people of Donbass, they are redundant in the area where the government is planning to mine for shale gas. In Slovyansk, recently captured by the Ukrainian Army after weeks of bombardment, there is already a shale gas fracking tower and the equipment has been delivered to one more village. So this total genocide of the people is performed for economic reasons under the guise of a military operation.… -->

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Ukraine war documentary

The documentary presents a collection of recordings with English subtitles on extensive war crimes in Donbass from July 2 to July 24, 2014. Kiev’s warmongers continue genocide of civilian population and deliberate destruction of Eastern Ukraine’s infrastructure – schools, hospitals, kindergartens, power plants, train stations, etc. The majority of the footage and interviews you will see in this documentary film have never been shown on TV. This is not for the faint of heart.


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Ukraine: more civil causalties of artillery assaults

The Ukrainian Army has subjected the town of Gorlovka to a merciless attack by artillery fire today. The local authorities report that at least 30 civilians were killed.

Some messages from the civilians in the war zone:

“My relatives just called. We could talk a little, then the shooting started again. My mother’s colleague tried to extinguish his house, but he was immediately shot down by a sniper.”

“Lots of houses on fire, I do not know how many for sure but a lot. The cannon fire continues. Army, are you gone nuts? We just calmed down.”

“Mom just called. Something exploded in the area near the entrance – glass, railings and pieces of roof sheathing flew around… Across the street the school is on fire.”


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Ukraine: the war is … not the war

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had to work extra hard to legitimize the massacres in the east of the country by army, national guard and security forces. Head of the faction “Native land” Serhiy Sobolev said to the TV channel “24” that the parliament changed 37 laws to ensure that government side combatants are not prosecuted for their crimes.

“You know that we had to change 37 laws, the parliament is fully engaged by the work to bring the Anti-Terrorist Operation in accordance with the regime of martial law, so that God forbid those soldiers and officers who are now in the war zone would ever be brought to justice,” – he said.

Why martial law is not sought

The fact is that, despite the war, the death of local residents as a result of the artillery attacks and bombardments, Ukraine is now officially “peaceful.” And every murder should be investigated by the appropriate crime investigation authorities. Ukrainian authorities do not want to introduce martial law, because they are afraid of losing the promised assistance from the West.

International Monetary Fund, according to the rules of the organization, does not provide funds to countries that are at war. Recently the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has openly admitted this: “IMF does not give money to countries at war. This question is not well thought of when they ask today about the military situation,” – he said. Ukraine is now in an extended economic crisis, as openly admitted in the government, and so any financial help for them would be welcome.

Vladimir Putin cautions

“In a country at war money is usually issued for some goals and spent for others. Money is given to support the economy and the social sphere, and sent to support the fighting and are usually also stolen by the by. That is precisely what is happening in Ukraine after the issuance of the first tranche, in my opinion,” – Putin said.

“For example, a significant portion of the resources needed to be directed to support the banking and financial center of the country. As far as I know, a significant portion of these funds were transferred to the private banks of Ukrainian oligarchs. Where is the money that was transferred, in whose pockets will it eventually drop – IMF staff, the public of Ukraine and of the supporting countries should… -->

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Ukrainian army – total genocide in Donbass

The locals may refer to the village Luganskaya Stanica as “village Bloody” now. Ukrainian army and militarized forces started a total wipeout of all civilians in Donbass. National Guard says president Poroshenko gave the command to kill everyone.

The latest fact – army has opened heavy fire on two buses, who left last night from Kramatorsk to bring fugitives to Vladimir. They could not even reach the Russian–Ukrainian border. The attack occurred 20 km from the Russian border. Miraculously, the refugees survived but were forced to return to Krasnodon. However, the fate of these people is no longer known as Krasnodon has been overrun by Ukrainian tanks. 

The response of the Ukrainian government has become incredibly cruel, like the bombing of Kondrashovka and Stanica Luganskaya villages. There were no strategic targets of Lugansk Republic, no military equipment or roadblocks there. Only conventional rural streets, homes, civilians.

Massive air strikes were performed directly on these quiet streets. “Airplanes began bombing on Wednesday night. Early in the morning they blew the gas line – then attacks continued until around 11 am”, – tells the mayor of the village Luganskaya Galina Grigorieva, – “The plane that dropped the bombs flew right over my head: people began to fall to the ground. Then a bomb hit the police station and the roof was blown off the building. Two houses that stood close were completely demolished. That is when the first man was killed and three were badly injured. After that the most terrible part began – the planes attacked the railway stop Old Kondrashevskaya. Half a dozen houses were wiped out at once in the Ostrovsky street. Everything burned, people were screaming. The whole street was literally wiped off the face of the earth. Ten people died on that site: five died immediately, the other died in the hospital,”- continues Galina Grigorieva.

“A 5–year-old boy was killed together with his father  – his feet were blown off, the tragedy occurred in front of the mother. A grandfather from 1926, a veteran of the World War II, was killed. The last man whom we picked up, we could not gather him – we take him up and the lower part of the body is not there at all. We gathered people in parts – legs, feet, hands … … -->

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More deaths in Ukraine’s civil war

The Ukrainian air forces has bombed Kramatorsk and Lugansk. The areas are densely populated, the total number of civil casualties is yet unknown but expected to be high.

If this is not civil war and genocide, then what is?

This really recalls the chronicles of the Second World War…… -->

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Ukrainian army uses cluster munition against civilians

Ukrainian army spent the day today mostly bombarding the towns and villages in Eastern Ukraine. They used large caliber artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems to rain destruction on the heads of civilians in several areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

The people in Artemovsk discovered remains of the rockets that were fired at them. This certainly looks like a 300mm rocket delivered cluster munition that explodes in the air. This picture was taken today:

The piece of steel is approximately 290mm diameter but it is delivered inside some rocket ammunition, so the projectile is likely to be 300mm caliber. It looks like a cassette with multiple warheads. Many people saw explosions similar to fireworks in the sky last night. Here this cassette exploded in the sky and the spent cassette half stuck into the ground.

Caliber points at nothing else but BM-30 “Smerch”. Wasn’t there something in international conventions that prohibits the use of such cluster munitions? This was fired on civilians, quietly sleeping in their homes at the late hour. Positions of militias remained untouched. Here is what it looks like:

If there could be any doubt about the origin of the cassette this unexploded warhead definitely clears up all doubts. It is marked 9N235 – a warhead of the BM-30 “Smerch” multiple rocket launcher system:

The Ukrainian army is really trying to erase the population of the Eastern Ukraine, no matter if militia or civil. This is genocide, open and unashamed, using unconventional weapons to wipe out a large part of their own folk. The results are predictable:


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