Ukrainan Safari: cheap and cheerful!

Ukrainian millionaire Mikola Berezovyi was killed in a fight with militia during his “safari” to Eastern Ukraine on August 10.

Ukrainian army kills civilians in the south-east of the country, firing artillery on the cities and towns. So the military works to ensure that the survivors flee their homes and leave the country, confidently states the militia commander of Lugansk People’s Republic Alexander Mozgovoy.

“There were even occasions when tourists in “hot spots” were given the possibility to shoot from the army’s tank or cannon for money. That is, people come to the war zone like if on safari … That is how the Ukrainian military earn money from someone else shooting at the cities for them,” – said Alexander Mozgovoy.

Some of the volunteers of the punitive forces do not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot from a tank, volunteers pay two hundred dollars, out of a howitzer – one hundred dollars. But to shoot an inhabited village, the tourists are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government values ​​people very cheap and foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure treat people as animals.

The leader of the militia is sure that Kiev does not need people of Donbass, they are redundant in the area where the government is planning to mine for shale gas. In Slovyansk, recently captured by the Ukrainian Army after weeks of bombardment, there is already a shale gas fracking tower and the equipment has been delivered to one more village. So this total genocide of the people is performed for economic reasons under the guise of a military operation.… -->

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European Union refused to pay Ukraine gas debts

The EU does not intend to repay the debts of Ukraine for Russian gas, according to the head of the European Commission’s Directorate for Energy Dominique Ristori, reports RIA Novosti.

Responding to a question about whether the EU is considering the possibility of paying debts for Ukraine Ristori shook his head and said that the EU has rendered an important macro-financial assistance. “We are also in close contact with the International Monetary Fund, to promote the reform of the energy market of Ukraine. That’s important,” – he said.

In mid-June the Austrian Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner said that the situation with Russian gas supplies to Ukraine requires a political solution, including the possible payment of Ukrainian debts by EU. The Minister then said that the EU could eventually cover the debts of Ukraine due to the current economic weakness of the country.

Debt of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” to Russia’s “Gazprom” has reached $ 5.3 billion including supplies delivered until June 16, when the country was transferred to prepay policy. EU-brokered talks ended in failure. Now the Ukrainian gas transport system only receives transit volumes of gas intended for Europe. This jeopardizes uninterrupted gas transit in the winter as Ukraine is likely to steal gas as its reserves dry up.

European Union in the current year has already transferred 600 million euro macro-financial assistance for Ukraine from the total 1.6 billion euros, promising remaining payments before year end. IMF on April 30 approved the allocation to Ukraine of more than $ 17 billion within two years of the stabilization program on stand by. The first tranche of this program – $ 3.16 billion was received by Kiev in early May.… -->

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Gas pipeline blast: did Ukrainian nationalist leader keep his word?

Back in March 2014, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists, Dmitry Jaros, threatened to blow up the pipeline connecting Russia and Europe to deprive Russia of the funding source.

“We remember that Russia is making money by driving oil and gas to the West through our pipeline – so we will destroy the pipeline, depriving the enemy of this source of funding. Let the earth burn underfoot, let them drown in their own blood,”- said the leader of the right sector in his appeal to the government. Simultaneously Dmitry Jaros encouraged the development of “guerrilla and sabotage groups, which in the case of the occupation will operate in enemy territory.”

It seems, Jaros has kept his promise. The explosion occurred on the pipeline “Urengoy-Uzhgorod-Pomary” through which Russian gas is delivered to Europe, in the Poltava area one kilometer away from the village Iskovtsy. No one was reported injured by the explosion. According to eyewitnesses, after the explosion, the flames rose to a height of 200meters.

According to local residents, they heard two big bangs just before the explosion which indicated they were deliberate explosions.… -->

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Civil War in Ukraine commented by Putin

RIA Novosti reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed Russia’s position towards the presidential elections in Ukraine due this weekend at the St.Petersburg Economic Forum. He stated that Moscow will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people and is ready to cooperate with the newly chosen authorities. He also expressed hope that the two countries will reach an agreement on the gas supply to Ukraine despite the still outstanding debt.

Kiev welcomed these statements and experts agreed that they constitute one of the major results of the Forum. Despite the wide range of subjects covered by President in his speech, the discussion centered on the situation in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian presidential elections are scheduled for the 25th of May. The elections will have an appalling backdrop consisting of a deep political crisis and a large scale military operation against civilians in the east of the country.

“We will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people although we will, of course, see where things are going”, said Putin at the plenary of the Forum on Friday.

He mentioned that it would have been much smarter for Ukraine to hold a referendum, change the constitution based on the results and base the government on the new constitution, including a new parliament and a new president. Russian President also mentioned that, according to the constitution of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych still remains the acting President of the country.

According to Putin, Russia will cooperate with the newly elected government after the May 25th elections and is hopeful that the military actions will cease. “We are working today with people in power (in Kiev) but after the elections we will certainly work together with the newly elected bodies”, said Russian President.

Russian Head of State also stated that he hopes new government in Ukraine will be able to start a dialogue with its own citizens. “Try to imagine, how can we discuss things, meet, talk peacefully and at the same time there are tanks shelling civilians? They must do something about the situation there”, said Putin.

Putin evaluates the situation in Ukraine as an anti-constitutional coup, supported by Western countries, that led to deep chaos and civil war. In his opinion, the power in Kiev could have been changed peacefully through elections, in… -->

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