Donbass against Ukrainian fascists

The image posted to “Ukrainian Military Honor” with the message “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!”

“Who do the people of Donbass fight against?” – this question is often asked these days. This image is from a known resource of Ukrainian fighters “Ukrainian Military Honor” and the accompanying signature says: “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!” The Ukrainian fascists now openly call themselves national-socialists and do not obscure the swastika with wolf hooks.

And at that, we will probably hear again from the Western media: “Where did you see the Nazis in Ukraine? Who told you that people from Donetsk fight the Nazis?”

These are the Nazis. These are the Nazis that EU and U.S. openly support in the war against the population of Donbass. These are the Nazis that are gathered into the fighting battalions by Kiev and unleashed onto the civil population to kill and destroy. These are the Nazis that people of Donbass are fighting against.… -->

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French war correspondent kidnapped in Ukraine

A French citizen Yuri Yurchenko, poet and playwright, was taken into captivity on August 20 in the city of Ilovajsk in Donetsk People’s Republic.

Yuri came to Donetsk to cover events in the Donbass region truthfully to the European public. Using his European communication channels and social prominence, he has contributed significantly to break the information blockade in the Western media. Yuri often visited the front line and repeatedly appeared on television and on the Internet. His personality just could not be overlooked by the Kiev authorities, given that they do not spare even foreign journalists.

Yuri Yurchenko never had any weapons. He arrived in Novorossia as a field stringer with reporter accreditation from a number of French media outlets. He went to a meeting with the Ukrainian punitive forces in Ilovajsk after he received a consent to an interview from them. But he could not know that the Ukrainian regime ordered to “neutralize” all journalists, including Western, if they have not been tested and approved by the secret services.… -->

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Kiev is not ready for negotiations with Donetsk

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, commenting on the results of the meeting on the war situation in the Donetsk area, held in Berlin, Germany, said that Ukraine will only go for a truce if the country completely regains border control and the Novorossia army releases all captured soldiers.

“For me the effective border control was an absolute priority to ensure that OSCE observers are able to exercise fully monitoring and verification, of course, and that we make real progress on the hostages. These issues are key in promoting the bilateral ceasefire,” – announced Klimkin.

Ukrainian authorities, according to the minister, identified “red lines” in their negotiations. “These lines are quite simple and can be summarized as follows: firstly, Ukraine is and should be a united, democratic and European state, and secondly, Ukraine has to go through the integration with European Union,” – RIA Novosti quotes Klimkin.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister also said that on Saturday, August 23, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Kiev. Klimkin expressed hope that the visit would be a manifestation of support by Merkel and Germany of the war in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Alexander Zaharchenko told the RIA Novosti news agency on Tuesday, August 19, that Novorossia is ready for talks with the Ukrainian authorities, but does not intend to comply with the ultimatum terms of Kiev.

“We are waiting for offers, but only reasonable offers – we do not lay down our arms and do not ensure the closure of borders. This will never happen and they must stop dreaming of it,”- said Zakharchenko, noting that negotiations can only take place “on an equal footing.”

“Everyone needs to recognize the now established state (DNR). I understand that for them it might be physically impossible or some moral qualities will not allow them to recognize the facts though,”- the Prime Minister said, adding that the authorities of the Donetsk Republic are against the war.


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Ukraine: center of Donetsk bombed

Donetsk is one of the main industrial centers in ex-Ukraine with the metropolitan area population of over 2 million people. The Ukrainian army started bombarding the center of the city with heavy artillery and phosphorous bombs, causing extensive destruction and producing first victims amongst the civilians in the center of a densely populated area.


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Radicals of “Right Sector” liquidated at a checkpoint near Donetsk

Eleven radical activists of the nationalistic “Right Sector” were liquidated at the checkpoint near Donetsk in Ukraine. As the correspondents report, the bus with the nationalist militants of the “Right Sector” drove from Zaporozhye in the direction of Donetsk.

At one of the roadblocks the Ukrainian nationalists opened fire on army positions of Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). Despite the element of surprise, the men of DNR quickly repulsed the attack. In a shootout that followed eleven nationalist militants were eliminated. DNR has one man wounded. Criminals were wearing expensive imported camouflage and were armed with firearms and grenade launchers.


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Ukrainan Safari: cheap and cheerful!

Ukrainian millionaire Mikola Berezovyi was killed in a fight with militia during his “safari” to Eastern Ukraine on August 10.

Ukrainian army kills civilians in the south-east of the country, firing artillery on the cities and towns. So the military works to ensure that the survivors flee their homes and leave the country, confidently states the militia commander of Lugansk People’s Republic Alexander Mozgovoy.

“There were even occasions when tourists in “hot spots” were given the possibility to shoot from the army’s tank or cannon for money. That is, people come to the war zone like if on safari … That is how the Ukrainian military earn money from someone else shooting at the cities for them,” – said Alexander Mozgovoy.

Some of the volunteers of the punitive forces do not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot from a tank, volunteers pay two hundred dollars, out of a howitzer – one hundred dollars. But to shoot an inhabited village, the tourists are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government values ​​people very cheap and foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure treat people as animals.

The leader of the militia is sure that Kiev does not need people of Donbass, they are redundant in the area where the government is planning to mine for shale gas. In Slovyansk, recently captured by the Ukrainian Army after weeks of bombardment, there is already a shale gas fracking tower and the equipment has been delivered to one more village. So this total genocide of the people is performed for economic reasons under the guise of a military operation.… -->

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Prime Minister of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko issues a statement

A statement issued yesterday by the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko.

As of this morning, Donetsk is surrounded by the Ukrainian army and National Guard punitive forces. However, people’s militia units are in full control and ready to defend the country’s capital.

This will not be the first time the chasteners announced the surrounding, cleaning and almost taking areas of Donetsk. However, in reality that never worked. Government of Donetsk People’s Republic is confident of victory as ever.

However, the surrounded city is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Bombardments cause many deaths among civilians. In the case of a direct assault on the city the number of victims will increase by orders of magnitude.

Humanitarian corridors today are absolutely absent. Citizens of Donetsk can not get medicine. Food supply is at the end. Because of the blockade and bombardment it is impossible to repair the shattered utility grids. The situation with water and electricity in the city is very bad.

We continue to hope that the world community will affect the bloodthirsty Kiev authorities, so that Donetsk does not repeat the fate of Stalingrad. We are ready for a ceasefire to prevent the extension of humanitarian disaster in the Donbass area.

But the continued aggression of the Ukrainian army will mean that our people’s militia will have to fight at any balance of forces and in any conditions. Kiev must remember how the Nazis ended in Stalingrad, and how a couple of years after the war was taken to Berlin.

Now our city has turned into a united military camp. We will not tolerate the excesses and violence of the Nazis in Donetsk. The fight will take place in every street, every house, for every meter of our land!

The enemy will be thrown back.

We will defend our right to freedom and independence! Residents of Donetsk support our determination in the fight against the invaders!

Victory will be ours!… -->

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Kiev is preparing a chemical disaster for Ukraine

Kiev prepares a chemical disaster and the Ukrainian army has delivered in Kramatorsk ballistic missiles.

Minister of Defense of People’s Republic of Donetsk made ​​an official statement that his intelligence reports that Ukrainian troops are preparing a major provocation. The outcome of the provocation can be a chemical disaster in the south-east of Ukraine. The purpose is to cause shock to the whole world, under the influence of which blame the terrorist attack on the militia and push for official international recognition of the Donetsk republic as a “terrorist organization.”

What exactly is conceived by Kiev? It turns out they plan to launch ballistic missiles against the storage of poisonous chlorine in the territory of Donbass.

“According to my information, for three nights in a a row military transport planes were bringing rocket launchers to Kramatorsk. Now they are being serviced and prepared for launch”, – said Strelkov, – “Their targets are the sewage treatment plants in Donetsk and Lugansk. One contains 120 tons of chlorine, the other – 160 tons. A reserve target is the “Styrene” chemical factory with storage of ammonia. Depending on the wind the chlorine vapors can reach out to cover Donetsk and Volnovakha and every living thing in that area will be killed. The number of victims may well be in the tens of thousands.

According to Strelkov, before launching the missiles, Kiev is going to hold a propaganda campaign to convince the world that the militia is preparing “terrorist attacks” on chemical plants.

“If I had not seen with my own eyes what the Ukrainian military is doing, I would consider this information nonsense”, – said the minister of defense of Donetsk Republic, – “The idea is so monstrous that it’s hard to believe for those who had not seen Ukrainian troops firing phosphate ammunition on sleeping towns.”… -->

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