Another strong humanitarian move from Russia

On August 28, 2014, Russian President Putin addressed the militia of Novorossia with a request to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian military.

Putin said that the actions of the militia resulted in surrounding a large number of Ukrainian troops that were in battle against their will, just carrying out the orders. In order to avoid increasing the number of pointless victims President offered to provide a possibility for Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the area of ​​operations, reunite with their families and return to their mothers, wives and children. The wounded in military operations could receive the urgent medical aid they need.

Putin also urged Kiev to cease hostilities immediately and to negotiate with representatives of the Donbass. For its part, Russia is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the south-east of Ukraine.
This decision of President Putin is a strong and humane step, once again demonstrating the peacefulness of the Russian foreign policy, the willingness to contribute to peace and to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Stating that the Novorossia is already a de-facto geopolitical reality, Putin suggested that the Ukrainian authorities cease hostilities immediately, stop the fire, sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of the Donbass, and solve all the accumulated problems peacefully.

The actions of the Russian government are completely in line with the international efforts to protect the population of countries in a state of armed conflict from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

UN has adopted the concept of “responsibility to protect” at its World Summit in 2005. “Each individual State has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. This responsibility entails the prevention of such crimes, including their incitement, through appropriate and necessary means.” This concept is adopted in connection with the experiences of Rwanda and Srebrenica, states that sovereignty is not a privilege, but an obligation. In accordance with this concept, sovereignty does not only provide to the states the right to control their own internal affairs, but also imposes direct responsibility for the protection of people … -->

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Food riots in Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian security officials and army openly oppose the Kiev command. Smoldering discontent that has been accumulating in the previous months breaks out. Even the volunteers are not willing anymore to pay with their lives for the incompetence and corruption of military leaders.

Mortar volleys, shelling from rocket launchers and howitzers. The Donbass militia is advancing on all positions of the Ukrainian military. Here, this is Marinovka. According to local residents, they got shot from Donetsk, from the suburbs, and from all sides.

Ukrainian forces have lost more soldiers over the past few weeks than in all preceding history of this armed conflict. Kiev military is backing up on several fronts, but for many there is nowhere to retreat. Kiev however insists that no troops got surrounded, the army suffers only minor losses, and in general, the Ukrainian forces are celebrating success after success. “Nobody gave up on our guys, we keep in touch with them, they are fiercely resisting the terrorists while inflicting great damage on them, you may have no doubt. Nobody is going to surrender,” – said Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

Military disagree. “Everything said on TV are lies. We did not even had anything to eat. We ate corn from the fields. For two days we ate corn, we did not have any proper food, we did not have water. One liter of water for the battalion of 20 people!” – says a soldier of 28 Mechanized Brigade Mikhail.

The servicemen of the battalion “Donbass” report that their colleagues who find themselves abandoned and surrounded by militia send videos captured on phones with a single phrase: “Good-bye, we die for Ukraine”.

Ukrainian journalist channel that was surrounded in a pocket along with the Ukrainian military, reports: “We are bombarded by mortars daily, bombs go off constantly. Soldiers are all confident that Kiev just betrayed them and hold a very negative view of the Kiev authorities. TV tells us that supposedly help already came here or it is on its way or something, but we are surrounded for five days now and we see no assistance. We have almost no food, the water is a very big problem. ”

Ukrainian military is now deserting the units by the count of hundreds. 400 fighters escaped from the fire under Amvrosievka. They were surrounded fro nearly… -->

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Donbass against Ukrainian fascists

The image posted to “Ukrainian Military Honor” with the message “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!”

“Who do the people of Donbass fight against?” – this question is often asked these days. This image is from a known resource of Ukrainian fighters “Ukrainian Military Honor” and the accompanying signature says: “Hello from Ukrainian national-socialists in the Eastern front!” The Ukrainian fascists now openly call themselves national-socialists and do not obscure the swastika with wolf hooks.

And at that, we will probably hear again from the Western media: “Where did you see the Nazis in Ukraine? Who told you that people from Donetsk fight the Nazis?”

These are the Nazis. These are the Nazis that EU and U.S. openly support in the war against the population of Donbass. These are the Nazis that are gathered into the fighting battalions by Kiev and unleashed onto the civil population to kill and destroy. These are the Nazis that people of Donbass are fighting against.… -->

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Kiev: from parade to war. Donetsk: from war to parade.

When Kiev was preparing for the military parade dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the independence of Ukraine, many analysts and observers joked that that parade will see the last available military forces of Ukraine that would have to go to war with Donbass directly after the parade. I, for one, was caught completely off balance because that is exactly what happened. It was not a joke after all.

SS-21 “Scarab” (“Tochka-U”) ballistic missile systems parading in Kiev before being sent to war in the East Ukraine.

President Poroshenko announced that right after the parade in Kiev the column of the “new, just purchased or renovated” military equipment will go to the zone of military operation in the east of the country.

The parade was attended by 49 samples of military equipment, including multiple rocket launchers “Grad“, armored personnel carriers, air defense and missile systems “Tochka-U” (SS-21 “Scarab”).

Poroshenko also said he plans to spend about 40 billion hryvnia (about $ 3 billion) for the Ukrainian army in the years 2015-2017. “This will purchase upgrades and supply the troops with planes, helicopters, warships and boats. And this is only a modest beginning,” – the president promised among fears that the economy of Ukraine would collapse within the next couple of months.

The head of the state was repeatedly urged to abandon the event in this difficult time for the country. Activists of “Evromaydan”, in particular, talked about unreasonable charges of organizing the parade at the time when the country is waging an expensive war in the east. Former adviser to former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Anna Herman called the parade “inappropriate” at the time when “many of the residents of Donbass still mourn the death of their loved ones,” and “in the Donbass region there are only ruins and mourning.”

Meanwhile, in Donetsk, another kind of parade was taking place. About a hundred people introduced over a public address system as Ukrainian prisoners of war were marched through the central Lenin Square. They looked dirty and unshaven, and bowed their heads as they passed. Some had bandaged arms and heads. They were guarded by militia fighters.

Militia lady guarding the Ukrainian… -->

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Alexander Bilecki: Ukrainian peace is a common task

Kiev can not conquer Donbass and Donbass does not want to overthrow the Kiev regime. Donbass still naively wants just peace for itself, if not like in Crimea, then at least like in Transdniestria. But, “for itself” will not work. The knot is tied very tight, and the knot is in Kiev.

Kiev regime is actually worse than a bitter radish and more destructive than a nuclear bomb for Ukraine. It’s all kept up and running on the idea of ​​a virtual war with Russia, which in fact not only did not recognize the rights of Nazi and oligarchs to seize power, but also dared to protect and help the terrorized population of Ukraine. First, by ensuring the right to live to the inhabitants of the Crimea, and then by helping refugees and the defenders of the eastern regions of Ukraine. This assistance, including saving the lives of Ukrainian Army soldiers and the refugees, is the only argument of the Kiev thieves’ regime for war against its own population.

More than six months have passed since a wave of popular anger at the greed of the oligarchs allowed the most brazen, violent and bloody of them to seize the power and government. During this time, there was not a single law, ordinance, or decree published, which would improve poor and powerless situation of the population on the territory of Ukraine. Not even the German occupiers behaved that defiantly in 1941, who at least announced tax cuts, free enterprise, open kindergartens, theaters, and “helped” to restore the activity of the Church.

Unlike German Nazi, Kiev’s pro-American regime destroys and forbids everything. Any criticism is outlawed under heavy media control, all online forums are controlled by secret services to identify the slightest dissatisfaction, for which people are subjected to repression. Cities are demolished, their inhabitants are killed by bombs, industrial and agricultural enterprises are destroyed. New taxes are introduced, wages are cut, benefits are eliminated. The country faces hunger, cold and fear.

This is exactly what Donbass wanted to protect itself from but their error was in their own self-interest. It is not possible to hope that cutting a heart out of a body affected by gangrene one can save it.

Donbass can be saved only together with the whole of Ukraine, whose people are now all suffering from heartless and irresponsible American lackeys… -->

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Donetsk is hailing the heroes of battles in Slavyansk

People of Donetsk welcome the army of Strelkov – heroes of the battles in Slavyansk that broke through the encirclement of the Ukrainian army.


Advisor of the commander Igor Strelkov, Igor Druz tells about the breakthrough of the main forces of Donetsk Republic through he encirclement in Slavyansk by a thousands strong Urkanian army.

Sorry, we did not die under Slavyansk

Militia was forced to withdraw from Slavyansk. Of course, we were ready to stand up to the end and were ready to follow such an order from our commander in chief. We all said our goodbyes to families and left our wills. But we are military and we will carry out any another order as well. Especially because we trust our commander Strelkov, his decency and his military experience. After all, this man has already been through four wars as a volunteer. What would happen if the Russian army decided to defend Moscow in late 1812 or Kiev in 1941? There would be no occupation of Paris and, accordingly, of Berlin, and would be an unnecessary death of the army – “the only ally of Russia.” I am absolutely convinced of our victory, that we will free Kiev and the rest of our country, although we do not know now how much blood and time it will take.

And so it is very strange to read the speculations from some “patriots” that Igor Strelkov is guilty of just about everything, including the surrender of the city. It would be better to remember that he and his men heroically withstood months of thousands-strong army offensive, although they only numbered hundreds themselves, by the end – a couple of thousand. Armed with nearly only small arms, they countered the offensive by fifteen thousand professional soldiers.

Igor Strelkov has asked for help, talking about the need for peacekeeping forces, or at least a massive supply of heavy weapons from Russia. But nobody listened. Moreover, in the last few days there was a betrayal of commanders who bared the flank of Sloviansk suburbs in Nikolayevka. Keeping the battle to defend Slavyansk by this small number of militants against the regular army, with no hope of help from Russia, would have meant the futile death of almost the only able and tried part of the People’s Militia of Donbass.

And it would also mean the complete destruction of the city together with its civilians. The army tactics of Ukrainians is a kind of artillery… -->

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Ukrainian army – total genocide in Donbass

The locals may refer to the village Luganskaya Stanica as “village Bloody” now. Ukrainian army and militarized forces started a total wipeout of all civilians in Donbass. National Guard says president Poroshenko gave the command to kill everyone.

The latest fact – army has opened heavy fire on two buses, who left last night from Kramatorsk to bring fugitives to Vladimir. They could not even reach the Russian–Ukrainian border. The attack occurred 20 km from the Russian border. Miraculously, the refugees survived but were forced to return to Krasnodon. However, the fate of these people is no longer known as Krasnodon has been overrun by Ukrainian tanks. 

The response of the Ukrainian government has become incredibly cruel, like the bombing of Kondrashovka and Stanica Luganskaya villages. There were no strategic targets of Lugansk Republic, no military equipment or roadblocks there. Only conventional rural streets, homes, civilians.

Massive air strikes were performed directly on these quiet streets. “Airplanes began bombing on Wednesday night. Early in the morning they blew the gas line – then attacks continued until around 11 am”, – tells the mayor of the village Luganskaya Galina Grigorieva, – “The plane that dropped the bombs flew right over my head: people began to fall to the ground. Then a bomb hit the police station and the roof was blown off the building. Two houses that stood close were completely demolished. That is when the first man was killed and three were badly injured. After that the most terrible part began – the planes attacked the railway stop Old Kondrashevskaya. Half a dozen houses were wiped out at once in the Ostrovsky street. Everything burned, people were screaming. The whole street was literally wiped off the face of the earth. Ten people died on that site: five died immediately, the other died in the hospital,”- continues Galina Grigorieva.

“A 5–year-old boy was killed together with his father  – his feet were blown off, the tragedy occurred in front of the mother. A grandfather from 1926, a veteran of the World War II, was killed. The last man whom we picked up, we could not gather him – we take him up and the lower part of the body is not there at all. We gathered people in parts – legs, feet, hands … … -->

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