Russian humanitarian aid convoy reaches Ukraine

The Russian humanitarian assistance convoy of 280 trucks loaded with food, medicine and first aid arrived at the Ukrainian border and started the border customs inspection and clearance procedures at the checkpoint “Donetsk”. The Ukrainian officials report that “59 specialists will verify the cargo on the Ukrainian side. 41 of them – representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine and 18 are customs officers. By prior arrangement, the goods will proceed to Lugansk.”

In parallel, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry officially disclaimed all responsibility for the security of humanitarian convoy. “Russian Federation will carry all responsibility for ensuring there are no provocations from the terrorists who have operational control over the parts of territory of Lugansk region.”

The point is that after going through Russian customs, the convoy will proceed to the territory of Lugansk Republic controlled by militia. In fact, this is the first official supply corridor for humanitarian aid to the areas devastated by war.… -->

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